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Default Re: Master Quest Thread

Originally Posted by Steak View Post
all threads open, rewards posted in miasma thread

I can almost hear the simultaneous sigh of relief of everybody involved


If you guys didn't know, I wrote this quest. I didn't know what would happen, and there were a few things that surprised me.
First was the fact that it took so long. I was really not expecting this thing to kind of drag on the way it did, and I am sorry for that. A big part of that is, shortly after starting the event, a lot of things came up IN THE REAL LIFE that were unexpected, and because of that I became really busy and couldn't guide the event exactly the way I wanted to. Another part of that is, we had an activity drop before the event started, which led to the event parts taking longer than I had planned.
And then a thing happened which was very unexpected and we don't need to go into it but nevertheless it caused me to rethink the rewards which was probably for the best.
Basically the way the rewards worked is this, the more you RPing you did in The Miasma thread, the more stars you got, with a cap of 200. The more you participated in the ARK part of the quest, the more evolution items you got. If you did an exemplary job, you may have gotten a 'Gift'. And the more battling you did to help charge The Inhibitor, the more Poke Balls you got, where everybody received at least one Dream Ball.
What it all boils down to is, the more you put into the quest, the more you got out of it. Especially if you participated in the battling part, because hey, you should've gotten same-area bonus stars just for battling anyway.

Future Master Quests will build upon the vague plotline that was vaguely established by this decidedly vague quest. This quest was specifically made to include every then-current WFL member, basically to grab people's attention, and say, "Hey, look, this is a thing that you can do! In the WiFi League! Cool right?!" But future master quests will not be mandatory. It will be made painfully obvious when you will be able to participate in one, and you may choose not to. That being said, future master quests will offer better and better rewards the more you participate in them.

Finally, I got the feeling that this whole ordeal didn't really go well, and I think most of you guys didn't really enjoy it, so there's no need to worry about something like this happening again for a while. Needless to say, next time something like this DOES happen, it will go by more quickly and should hopefully be more engaging.

Thanks to you guys who did put time and effort into making this a pretty cool experience, though!
I thought it was really creative and fun. I loved the ARK thread so much and will definitely participate again. :D The only issue I saw was that things dragged on a bit in some places, but I know things came up and couldn't be helped, so don't worry about that too much.

I really appreciate all the effort you put into creating something mysterious and interesting for everyone. I still thought it was exciting even though I knew what was happening so extra kudos to you. Plus the prizes are awesome! Thanks for all your hard work, Steak! =)
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