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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Name: Cobalt
Party: Kirlia, Pikachu (Temporary)
Currently: fighting in Route 1.

"Kirlia! Keep it busy! But don't let it hit you!" I yelled out to Kirlia who nodded in response. Kirlia used magical leaf, which slashed through the shadows, which then regenerated. Artemis ordered Eevee to do the same thing.

"Artemis, do you have your lighter from when we lit the fireworks?" I asked.
"Do I ever not? I got a few spares in my bag" Artemis replied, pulling 4 lighters from her bag, "Why?".
"These things can't handle light. Magical leaf glows, but still doesn't kill it. Fire creates light. Just trust me." I replied, taking the lighters and running to a nearby tree. I began lighting a few leaves, but realized that it would take too long. Then I had an idea.
"Sorry Artemis, but your not getting these lighters back!" I yelled. I lit 4 seperate places on the tree, and wedged the lighters in between the branches, then took a few steps back. A minute later, the plastic casing on the first of the lighters melted, and the fuel ignited, causing a mini explosion, igniting the nearby leaves. The next of the lighters then exploded, and eventually the tree was up in flames.

"Artemis, it's ready!" I yelled, "try and get Shinx away from it!"
Artemis nodded and turned to face the monster. Eevee and Kirlia continued to battle it. The beast attempted to swoop again.
"Eevee! Quick attack, and for where it is holding Shinx!" Artemis yelled.
Eevee ran forward towards the shadowy beast, and jumped when it was closest to the ground. Eevee went straight through it, but disrupted the shadows, causing the beast to lose its grip on Shinx. Shinx fell through the air, but was caught by Artemis.

"Kirlia! Magical leaf! Same as before! Use the burning ones!" I said pointing to the tree. Kirlia eyes began to glow, as the burning leaves were pulled from the tree. They lined up in front of Kirlia then shot towards the beast, hitting home. The light from the flames and leaves combined cut through the Shadows. The beast screamed until it was nothing more.

"We did it!" Artemis said excitedly.
"Party isn't over yet!" I said, "We need to get this fire out."
The tree itself was bare. Leaves had either been used in magical leave, or had fallen off into the dirt and gone out. The tree itself had a few places where small fires were burning, but if it spread, the whole forest would be dead.

"Eevee! Use sand attack where you can reach to smother the flames!" Artemis yelled. Eevee obeyed.
"Kirlia, try and smother it with Psychic."
Kirlia's eyes glowed again, as it placed telekinetic barriers over the fire. Soon the lack of oxygen caused it to go out.
After a few minutes, the fires were gone, then we remembered why we came here....
"Is Shinx okay?"
Official's Post (Eternal Moonlight)

As the fires go out, the sky suddenly brightens. It seems the purple fog is dissipating! The Shinx's eyes flutter open! It looks at Artemis wearily, all traces of purple have left its eyes. It collapses on the spot. You grab Shinx's Pokeball and lift it in the air. A beam of red light shoots out and the Pokemon returns immediately.

Shinx was found! Route 1 seems to be back to normal! Quick, return the Pokemon to the lighthouse!
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