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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

@Sabi: Ah, that makes sense xD And it sounds fun! :D

Lol, so this happened the other day on my Platinum Run: I was in the ruins in Soloceon, and I was thinking that it'd be cool if I could catch an exclamation point or question mark Unown there. So I used a Repel (allowing it in my run :P) and trudged into the cave. Obviously, I forgot several things: first, I can't get those Unown until I catch all the other forms; second, repels only work on levels below the first Pokemon in my party; third, Unown can be level 30 in the ruins.

So, I got ambushed. And what was the letter that appeared to me?


.... Same to you, Platinum! >:L

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