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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Damien holds his plate of food. He looks down at it. He is struck with an idea. He sets his plate down on the table near his bag. His Pokemon were eating food nearby.
Damien: "I'll be right back! I am going to run down to the market!"
Immediately he turns and sprints out of the Pokemon Center toward the Mart!
Spindle: (to Feral) "Should we follow him?"
Feral looks down at his food than towards the door, and he looks down at his food again.
Feral: (to Spindle) "It isn't worth it... and he will probably be back pretty soon... I think he Steve is still in his Pokeball on Damien's belt anyways.
Damien returns exhausted with a large bag of cooking supplies.
Damien: "I... am... back... The... market... wasn't too... far away!"
Feral: (to Spindle) "See... He is fine!"
Spindle looks slightly relieved.
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