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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

IDENTITY: Lee Thatcher, Psychic Boy Wonder
LOCATION: Aspertia City
CURRENTLY: Entering el cit-tay

Avoid bringing attention to yourself?


Heeeeeeeelllllloooooooo Aspertia!

A mischievous light glinted in the eye of a black-haired traveler as he made his way down the crowded street. Though hidden beneath a pair of sunglasses (which were quite pointless on a day like today), the boy’s travelling companion seemed to sense it. A bipedal yellow fox with squinted eyes shot its Trainer a warning look.

<Don’t even think about it, Lee.>

Lee’s mouth slid into a sly smile. Feigning innocence, he arched his eyebrows at the Abra. “Why Shadow! What on earth would I be thinking about?”

Unfazed by his act, Shadow reminded him, <We’re not here for a show. We’re here on official business.>

Lee’s smirk slid into a frown as he returned his gaze to the people wandering the streets. Slipping from speech into telepathy, he directed a thought towards his Pokémon: <But look at all this potential… Imagine all the loose change jingling around in their pockets, with no proper place to call home… It hurts just thinking about it. And, you know, these people look like they could use a pick-me-up.>

<I don’t think so,> the fox sniffed. <These people are nervous…>

<Nervous?> Lee put his hand behind his head. <Why would they be nervous?>

Shadow took her time to reply as she assessed the thoughts and emotions of the people around them. <There are some… stray Pokémon hanging around, it seems.>

Lee let his hands fall back to his side. <Strays…?> he asked warily.

Before Shadow could explain, a light glared in Lee’s face. Though the sunglasses saved him from being blinded, the psychic boy halted abruptly in his path, startled. A shadow slid over the road, and he looked up in time to see something shiny flit across a sunlit section of the sky. It looked like… a metal bird.

<There goes one now,> Shadow pointed out as-a-matter-of-factly.

<A Skarmory? It isn’t one of those…?>

<I’m not sure,> replied his Abra slowly, <but the citizens are getting worried. I think that a show would scare them more than amuse them.>

The spikey-haired youth shrugged indifferently. “If you say so,” he spoke aloud.

<I say so,> Shadow tilted her head and crossed her arms. <Stay focused on the mission. Whatever it is…>

Staring after the Skarmory, he started thinking. <You don’t suppose… it has anything to do with those weird directions we got, do you?>

<What?> she raised an eyebrow.

<”Finds what sticks out like an unusually shiny object in the sky, blah, blah blah”. Jee, now that I say that… it sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it?> he grinned sheepishly. Glancing back up where he had seen the Skarmory slip into shadow, he added, <I guess we’re supposed to follow it?>

His Abra followed his gaze uncertainly. <I don’t know, Lee. What if it really is one of those violent Pokémon?>

<What if it shows us the way to the gym? Come on, with the instructions we got, it’s gotta be our best bet.>

<I think you gamble too much,> Shadow replied with a huff. <But it’s your call. I’m not the one who signed up for this. To be honest, I can’t fathom why you agreed to come at all.>

Lee’s smile faded. An uncharacteristic somberness settled over him as he remained silent.

His Abra studied him carefully before relenting, <Well… I’m just making sure you don’t get into trouble. If it’s that important to you, we’d better stay on task. Guess we’ll follow that stupid bird…>

The smile returned two-fold. “That’s the spirit.” The boy psychic winked at his Pokemon. In a flash, he produced a skateboard from his backpack. With Shadow holding on to his leg, the duo rolled down the street, pursuing the bright flashes in the sky.

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