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Default Journeymon [RP]

Welcome to the World of Pokémon. Well that’s what you would hear, but you already knew that didn’t you? Here’s something you might not know. A few years ago, a man by the name of Ghestis tried to manipulate the world through deception and power, nearly freezing half of the planet solid in his cruelty. Years before a man by the name of Giovanni tried to create a clone of a legendary Pokémon in attempts to create the most powerful creature in existence. Team Galactic tried to create their own world while Team’s Magma and Aqua sought to bring more land to the increasing population or rinse them clean respectively.

All of them failed thanks to the efforts of Trainers from all over. Everything has been at peace for a while with no criminal organizations rearing up their ugly, world dominating heads. Trainers have been going off on journey’s to their content, development of cities to promote Human and Pokémon relations has exploded. Even ex members of criminal organizations have come out to commit to public services for their misdeeds. Team Plasma even reformed to become a service group to work alongside the police force.

With this new age of peace, each region and their representatives all agreed to build a monument in celebration. However, a scientist came to the boardroom and suggested something more. Inevitable was the thread of misuse of Legendary Pokémon power, so he suggested these monuments of peace also be built to prevent such things from happening again. After testing the technology behind it, making sure it wasn’t some other plan in the works for destabilizing the bonds between nations, it was approved, and put into the towers. One main conduit tower in the heavy cities for easy upkeep and maintenance, and a few, less powerful ones in forested regions where lore said these Legendary Pokémon lay.

As time went on, the towers worked very well. There were few Pokémon-Human encounters when the towers were built, mostly about them being unhappy about where these structures were being built. Plans to build them were moved until there weren’t any further attacks, making a seemingly wonderful peace with nature at the same time. Once the Conduit Towers were turned on, nothing out of the normal happened, but as far as everyone knew, they were working.

Working a little too well.

Months later, powerful Pokémon began to gather in packs around the towers. The largest ones in town had swarms of fully evolved Pokémon that would scare even well-seasoned trainers. When people tried to approach the tower, the wild population attacked them with such force, that the damage caused should not have been possible. Soon organized attacks, and even capturing runs by the civil service groups failed more and more, with capture’s being few and far in between. Any successful captures resulted in Pokémon going berserk even more, causing accidental deaths of humans, and Pokémon seemingly unaffected by the odd obsession with the towers. There was no choice but to flee to the outer areas away from the towers to regroup and plan on how to deal with. Some developed collars in order to help mellow out the fierce tendencies of the Pokémon, so that they could be examined to see what was wrong with them. The only thing that could be found was that their powers and abilities had increased tenfold, dwarfing what was considered the average standard for each examined species. It was suspected the growth was caused by the towers, but no one could confirm it due to the near suicide attempts at getting to the main control server to shut them down.

With the collars in controlled production, their control quickly fell to the few who worked for their own desires. These small pockets of Trainers who had captured these empowered Pokémon and had them collared, organized themselves to the name of RAGE: Regional Allied Guardian Enforcement. Through their own, undefined means they helped protect the city living people, and those in heavily fortified areas. Their methods were questionable but effective, making sure that the licencing of trainers was limited and carefully checked. They even went to the point of confiscating owned Pokémon in order to determine a cure for the tower plague, or from people for harboring dangerous individuals. Even the few that came out who had owned Legendary classified Pokémon, found their powerful beings of myth were little match for the common Pokémon, affected by the towers.

Small protected towns that are closed off from much of nature, and rarely visited by RAGE, house many more of the human population where the tower’s effects are far less effective. You, a new or somewhat new Trainer, has received a special letter to come to Aspertia City. You are told to meet in the old Pokémon Gym, that had shut down years ago when the attacks started. The attacks started about four years ago, and you wonder why you of all people have been chosen to arrive.

Journeymon works as a point based role play. As you role play you will earn points of which you can use to get new Pokémon, evolve them, obtain items, or need to get to new places. You may do this when such things become available as we go along. Points will be awarded by the RPM [meaning me] at the end of NPC posts. All NPC’s will be controlled by me, and all outcomes of what goes on in the RP will be posted by myself. This is story based so there are no rolls, the only numbers will be in points earned.

Points and Outcomes: What determines them?
That is all based on how you as an individual role play. What you decide to do, how creative you are in battles and coming out of problems, is all up to you. Points are not based on post quality length, though you may earn bonus points for that. What happens in the RP does depend on what you do, as I may be nice or not so nice about what happens depending on what you decide to do.

How do I know when I've earned points?
I will post which player gets how many points after each of my posts.

How do I see my points?
I will be keeping a mental track of them; however that is up to you to keep track of your points. Post what you spend in this thread so we all know.

Is what happens in the story completely and only up to the RPM?
Absolutely not. If you want to discuss some plot arc, let me know what it is, or have an idea of what you’d like to do with your character, PM me and I’ll see if I can make it work out. Feel free to discuss story ideas within the thread itself.

What about NPC's?
I'll be playing all of the NPC's. They will be recorded and kept by me, along with their story details of what has gone on so far. No one controls the NPC's but myself.

  1. No godmodding. No bunnying without permission.
  2. No spamming, flaming or harassing other members.
  3. Minimum post requirement of three sentences. Yes, three, as in 3, sentences.
  4. Under no circumstances can you start out with a legendary.
  5. No Fakemon please, however recolours and shinies may be used.
  6. This RP has mild violence and romance. Nothing is to be posted if it requires a fade to black. That’s why fade to black was invented.
  7. Have fun or else. No seriously, have fun.
  • Point Values for Pokémon:
  • Evolving Pokémon: Their evolution level x 2 [Eg: Charmander to Charmeleon, 16x2=32]
  • Stone evolution: 30 points
  • Item based evolution: 35 points
  • Happiness evolution: 40 points

Pokémon Capture costs:
  • Basic Pokémon: 20 points
  • Basic Non-evolving Pokémon: 40 points
  • Stage 2 Pokémon: 40 points
  • Stage 3 Pokémon: 60 points

Pokémon learning a new move costs 40 points. It can be any appicable move, but one move must be forgotten in it's place. This does happen in the anime.

RPM: Aspertia City, Unova

The sky seemed less bleak in Aspertia City. It was partly cloudy but the sun did it’s best to climb through the greyish masses and peek through. The sky seemed to be filled with spots of various colours, resembling the crowded streets down below. People sent messages to each other in town by Pokémon, as Aspertia was one of the safe colonies that weren’t affected by the Conduit Towers. People seemed happy enough, however there was a slightly nervous ambiance that was growing thicker with each passing hour. It may have been the Skarmory circling around in the sky, his armor glinting in whatever sun he had struck on his path.

One of the least crowded places, if not the most avoided places in Aspertia City, was the old abandoned Gym. Time and neglect had faded away the paint, bleached the wood and caused some of the walls to crack with grief. Within a kilometer of the building, a Mienfoo seemed to be wandering around, jumping on the stair railings and scaling the walls with the utmost of ease.

Today there would be strangers arriving, if they had not done so already. They had no idea where they were going, or who asked for them. All they knew was that they had a note, with a simple set of instructions:

“Find what sticks out like an unusually shiny object in the sky, and follow the tiny master, and give the master’s master your name. That is the password.”

Current RP objectives:
  • Decipher the instructions and find the rendezvous in Aspertia City.
  • Avoid bringing attention to yourself.
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