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You head over towards the water. Rocks and pebbles lead down to the beach, where small waves lap lazily at the shore. It seems like a good place to find water Pokemon...

You look around, careful not to trip. The shore is actually quite dangerous. You listen out for any sign of Krabby. Sure enough, you can just make out a scuttling sound coming from further down towards the water.

The wind billows around you as you get closer to the beach. Eventually you spot Krabby huddled behind a large rock. Its eyes are tinged with purple, just like the Oddish you found earlier. The Krabby seems to be gurgling slightly. It scuttles further between the rocks as you near. It seems to be afraid. You reach out a hand and speak in a calm voice, hoping the Pokemon will respond. Instead it clicks its pincers protectively. Looks like it has no problem defending itself.

The Krabby is wedged between two large rocks, there's no way you can reach it and it's dangerous to try... What are you going to do?

Lab Krabby appeared! You'll have to weaken it before you can grab it. Write a paragraph about the battle!
Logan Falchino
Party: Kunai the Shellder
Krabby or Krabbay?

...That move had to be bubblebeam.


"Krabbay! Krabbay! Krabbay! Krabkrabkrabkrabkrabkrabkrabkrabkrabkrab..." It went, despite the gurgling (or foaming) that it was doing. 'Krabbay,' it went...That sounded like a vocal deficiancy. Or an added vocal bit. Or evolution saying that it was no longer 'Krabby,' but rather, 'Krabbay.' Whatever. It was mostly irrelevant.

Hopefully, irrelevant.

ANYWAYS. Logan was a smart man. The Krabby wasn't a sitting duck, for it would be flushed out by a simple attack aimed at it. If it didn't move, well, that worked as well, for it would be injured, possibly knocked out, and hopefully capable of being moved and picked up. Either way, Logan wins. Logan, like everone else, liked winning. He set Kunai on one side of the rock, and 180 to it sat him, ready to grab the Krabby (Or Krabbay). To neither option, it didn't didn't immediately attack or flee. Perhaps this Pokemon was more of a timid soul, in contrast to the hyper-violent and possibly hyper-profane Oddish? Hopefully, it was.

"Kunai, Rock Blast." Logan Falchino said. He was hoping for maximum type advantage here. Kunai immediately responded, making several rocks come into her shell, then closing it briefly. A second later, she fired them, one by one.

One hit. It wedged itself between the two rocks. The second hit was similar.

Third shot. Hit the first projectile. It cracked.

Fourth Shot. Hit the first projectile again. It cracked further but remained in one piece.

Fifth shot. It hit the first projectile, and this time, it splintered off into several more rocky projectiles, which injured and startled the unfortunate Krabby (or Krabbay) out of hiding.

"Krabbaykrabbay! Bay! Krabba bay abbay!" Went the newly injured Krabby (or Krabbay), probably complaining or worrying about the injury. It then saw Logan. It's pupils shrunk to nearly dots, seeing what was, to it, a massive, towering...thing. It seemed absolutely paralyzed in fear, for a moment. It looked like the prime opportunity to grab it. Logan reached down and-

"H-hey, stop that, hey, heyhehehehe-stop-phehehehehe." The Krabby (or Krabbay) was, of all things wierd and unusual, tickling him. "Hehehe Hahahaha!". Miserably for Logan, hehehe, he was, "HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAH!!!", as evidenced by the very text, ticklish. To the extreme.

Fortunately, his Shellder was being ignored. Fortunately, his Shellder, despite it's lack of speed, arrived to where the Krabby (or Krabbay) was tickling Logan into submission, and used a Tackle attack quite immediately on the offending Krabby (or Krabbay). It wound up somewhat dazed, but justifyably so, having been rammed by the hard Kunai and a Rock.

"Hehehehehehe, Hehehe, heh...Kunai, do that again, Tackle, yhea..." Logan said, somewhat embarrased that the female Shellder, of all things, had to rescue him, and catching his breath from the nonstop tickling.

"Shell!" she went, before another Tackle occured. The Krabby (or Krabbay) was thrust into the rock again, and it lost consiousness afterwards. KO, achieved, for Logan's fortune.

Logan, somewhat slowly, got up, and Returned Shellder to it's PokeBall. He then carried away the Krabby (or Krabbay) back to Professor Cedar's laboratory, hoping that there would be a reward for all of his efforts.
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