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Default Re: Pokerus Empire:Never Say Die (Not Recruiting)

Originally Posted by Battlestar View Post
Hi guys. Making one of my blue moon visits. Sorry I am not very active here or anywhere, I mostly am on smogon.
hey man! no worries, everyone else has been pretty busy, so i can't really say you should be on more XD
Originally Posted by Princess_Eevee9 View Post
I've been peachy, using this weekend to tackle and get some of my homework what I'd like to say if I could concentrate o.x, and yourself?

Ah I see.
doin alright, have like 3 tests in the next month, and I have to finish creating a database, in the next 2 weeks, so school's been a bit busy, still find time to play video games and going out to relieve stress haha
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