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You successfully weaken the Oddish. When it collapses, you scoop it up nervously. The poor thing is exhausted and remains unconscious, you're in no danger now. You wipe the sweat from your brow. That was an intense battle!

You head over to Professor Cedar's lab. There are still people running around, but the Professor herself looks calmer now. "Logan! You found Oddish!" she yells happily when you walk in the door. In a flash she is standing before you. She plucks the fainted Oddish from your arms and inspects it. "Wow this little one is completely exhausted! I asked you to grab it, not annhilate it!" she says a little sternly. "Anyway! The important thing is you found it. Thanks, Logan, I knew I could count on you and your Shellder! Oddish should be fine after a little rest. I better go get some medicine..." she trails off as if lost in thought and begins to walk away. "Don't forget Krabby!" she calls back over her shoulder before disappearing into the next room.

You look at all the lab assistants... couldn't one of THEM find Krabby?! Oh well...

One down, one to go!
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"Tell whoever's getting that Oddish that it's a violent one!" Logan yelled, before heading outside to find the Krabby.

The crisp autumn air graced-and chilled-his skin once further. Kunai, however, was fairly happy about it. Maybe because she evolved into an Ice-Type? Nevertheless, he was going to change into some warmer clothes, warmer than his '$eriou$ Ca$h' T-shirt was on it's own.

He headed towards the Rocky Shore, certian that the Krabby would be among the rocks. He vowed, before he got there, to be absolutely surefire on his footing. If he couldn't step there safely, he wouldn't. He'd rather AVOID career-ending injuries this early into his adventure.

"Shell! Shellder! Elld ell she er ellder!" Kunai went, as if to agree with it's surroundings. The chilly night and the rocky shore were both part of a Shellder's habitat, so Logan guessed it would be about as happy here as the Krabby would be...

...He also priveatly hoped the Krabby wouldn't break the rules of biology. Or physics. Or anything like that.
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