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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Name: Cobalt
Party: Kirlia
Currently: catching pokemon.

"Kirlia! You up for another battle?" I asked. Kirlia was weak from the fight with the shadow monster, but nodded, and walked in front of Pikachu. Suddenly more sparks appeared around pikachu and grouped together to make a lightning bolt. The lightning bolt flew towards Kirlia.
"Kirlia! Block it!" I yelled. Kirlia raised his hands and put up a telekinetic barrier. Pikachu was much weaker than the shadow monster, so the barrier remained throught his attack.
Pikachu gave up on the thunder bolt, and ran towards Kirlia. This was its quick attack.
"Kirlia use Psychic before it hits you!" I yelled. But I was too late. Pikachu hit Kirlia with a violent tackle, which knocked him to the ground with pikachu on him. Pikachu began charging up another thunderbolt.
"Kirlia, Psychic then Magical Leaf!"
Kirlia closed his eyes, and created a telekinetic pulse like an explosion. Pikachu was forced into the air, when Kirlia used Magical leaf. The glowing leaves hit home. Pikachu began to descend. This was as helpless as it would ever be.
"Go Pokeball" I yelled, throwing it towards Pikachu...
Official's Post (Cobalt Shadow)

Pikachu is sucked into its Pokeball. It pings immediately. Pikachu has successfully been returned! As you scoop up the Pokeball, you hear a shrill cry like that of the shadow beast. You turn around, expecting to see the shadow tentacles rising from the water again, but there's nothing there... Does that mean there are other beasts out there? You wonder if Artemis is doing alright...

Pikachu temporarily joined your party. Pikachu will not listen to you as you don't have enough badges.

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