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Default Champloo's Trading Dojo


I hope to eventually grow my collection with this thread.
I'm interested in any reasonable trades so don't be afraid to post any offers :)

Rules & Information
No Hacks whatsoever.
My Pokemon are Non-redistributable.
Don't ask to trade with me unless you are offering Pokemon obtained by yourself. I will make exceptions.
Do not PM/VM me for trades unless we have discussed it on here first.
I RNG all my Pokemon, if you have a problem then get out.
I DO NOT use AR for anything.

Currently looking for banners. If you can make some for me you can get credits depending on how good it is and you'll be able to redeem Pokemon with those credits.

Trainer Information

Pending Trades



I'm in dire need of some EV Trainers and if you don't happen to have anything I want from your trade thread then this is one great way to nab some of my Pokemon. The Pokemon must be EV Trained legitimately, meaning NO AR or POKESAV/POKEGEN. Vitamins, power items, & good ol' fashion battling will be the only way I want my Pokemon EV Trained. I can check whether or not they have been trained correctly so don't even try. Thank you. As of now for every Pokemon you EV Train you'll get 1 credit. Which ever Pokemon you choose to EV train will be the one you get to keep. My Pokemon are (for now) worth 1 credit. So it's quite simple. If you'd like to EV train for me please post who you want to EV train. Also references would be nice. I will more then likely look at your background before I entrust you with my Pokemon to be EV trained.



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