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You head over towards the wildflowers. Oddish would be very well camoflagued in there. You begin your search, looking for the characteristic leaves among the flowers.

Eventually you spot Oddish! It seems to be running amongst the flowers. Is it trying to hide? You chase, finally conering it by the edge of the wildflower patch. It looks up at you. Its eyes have a strange purple tinge like the mist covering Celestia. You reach down to scoop it up... and it jumps up and hits you in the stomach with a Tackle... ouch! This thing is too full of energy to grab. You'll have to tire it out a bit first!

Lab Oddish appeared! Weaken the Pokemon and then grab it! Write a paragraph about the battle!
Logan Falchino
Party: Kunai the Shellder
I knew this wouldn't go anywhere good...

The tackle didn't hurt much, but it hurt enough to make Logan angry. Angry enough, to be specific, to kick the poor raddish. It did about as much harm as the tackle did, by the looks, but the Oddish wasn't so pleased by that. "ODDODDODDODDODD!!! OOOOODDDD!!!" It yelled. Clearly, it was either an outgoing Mon, a short-tempered Mon, or a mix of the two-either way, it was clearly not happy about the kick. CLEARLY.


Yes, before the Pokemon even came out, the Oddish was angry enough to start really attacking. Logan thought smart and got out of the way of the wildly shaking oddish, but the hazy green powder around the Oddish had affected him somewhat, making him a little drowsy. For the Oddish (judging by the yelling), that alone wouldn't do for revenge. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIISH!!! !!!!!!

"Go, uhh, Kunai!" Logan said, unsure of what to call it. He wouldn't like the type matchup, not one bit.

Shell? It said. It sounded rather high-pitched and feminine, from his point of view...So, A girl it was. Logan pulled out the PokeGear 3.0, so as to check the moves of the Shell Pokemon BEFORE the Oddish could KO (or worse, kill) Kunai.

[-PokeGear 3.0 activated.-] the PokeGear said, quickly, as the Oddish was preparing some sort of attack-a glowing red arua emitting around it. Oh s**t. Taking Kunai in his off hand, he dashed away from the incoming attack-be it Mega Drain, Absorb, or Giga Drain, it didn't really matter, it was a Grass Type move, meaning super-effective, and it was Energy-based to boot. Logan's only regred was the abysmally low defense against energy-based projectiles Shellder had as a natural trait. So that would be nasty. He heard and saw the energetic trail that was being created close in on him, but after several meters got between him and the Oddish, it stopped abruptly, and the Oddish this time wordlessly raged, foaming at the mouth.

Logan wasn't even sure that was biologically possible, the Oddish foaming at the mouth. In fact, he almost was assured it wasn't. Yet, here it was, foaming at the mouth in pure, unreppressed rage. Apparently, the rules of biology did not apply under conditions of extreme anger. Logan just hoped it didn't randomly evolve from sheer anger. He's heard of it before. Facing an Oddish was possible: A Gloom was one of those Pokemon that were usually considered out of the leauge of a normal human, and he knew his Shellder couldn't handle an Evolved Pokemon that had a type advantage.

Using his right hand, he got to the PokeDex stage, and Dex'ed his Shellder. The initial 'Seen' page was coming up, followed by another, more detailed page, this one for 'Owned,' which would include it's moveset. Meanwhile, the Oddish was still raging on, being biologically impossible further with it's mouth-foaming. Only at the ping of the 'Owned' did the Oddish resume an offensive, but at that point, Logan knew what to do.

[-Shellder's Known Moves:-]
=Rock Blast
=Icicle Spear

He smirked. Logan knew that Ice Type Moves beat Grass-Type Pokemon. After this, he shouldn't really be worry-OW OW OW OW OW OW OW!!!

One hit of the attack (Logan guessed it was Mega Drain at this point), and Logan didn't feel his best afterwards. The Oddish was still clearly focused on ruining Logan's day. He could recover, as just like the Tackle, it really didn't hurt, only slightly worse than before. However, clearly, the Pokemon that attempted escape were dangerous. Professor Cedar must have been hurting a lot more than she let on with a Teddiursa Bite...

"Kunai, Icicle Spear!" Logan commanded, now a bit angry at the Oddish himself. Kunai, despite the new-ness of the Trainer she was with, complied.

As the Oddish charged up another attack, Kunai charged up her own: Several large, pointy, cold projectiles to brutally impale into a living weed. The Oddish had just finished getting ready for another Mega Drain, right when Kunai started launching. Needless to say, albeit flinching wasn't involved, the Oddish was NOT going to be using the Mega Drain.

One hit. The Oddish looked angry, but was definately hurt. It left a dent in the defensive system, so to speak.

Two hits. The Oddish was starting to get wobbly.

Three hits. The oddish was still holding on, but now it seemed to try to focus on the Shellder. It started gathering powder...No, four hits now. It was near to losing it's ability to stand...

Five hits. Five was the maximum for these kinds of attacks, Logan knew, and somehow, the Oddish still stood. Kunai's ability (Skill Link) and it's strength were pretty hardcore...But how did THAT not do it?!

The oddish, now probably swearing under it's breath in the enigmatic Pokemon Language (Kunai was taking major offense), started another Mega Drain. Before Kunai could send a second barrage of Icicle Spears, it hit. It hurt. It clearly did hurt Kunai.

...Logan could almost tangibally feel the pain. He had only met the oddly cute Shellder a few minutes ago, and they've barely bonded, but he could feel the experiance his Pokemon was going through, something many elite trainers implied was part of the very special bond, something between telekinesis and empathy the closest of Pokemon friends shared...Or was the Oddish half-targeting him again? He looked down. Yep, it was the latter. Either way, Kunai was still consious, and now the Oddish was standing much less shakily. It was still Yelling it's cries, and Logan picked up in particular on this line: "ODDI DISH ISH ODDIS!!!".

Whatever it was, it made Kunai...Slightly angry? Ok, it was either Calm or very unaware those were insults it was hurling at Logan and herself. Either way, it shot a second barrage of Icicle Spears without much more warning.

One shot. The Oddish was foaming at the mouth even further. Seriously, how was that biologically possible?

Two shots, three shots, Oddish Down. The battle was over. Logan sighed, thankful for that.

Fourth shot missed, fifth shot missed, Attack Over. Kunai happily moved around somewhat slowly, doing so with the trick of compressing and shooting out air from the back. Probably some sort of victory dance.

Logan picked up the previously-raging Oddish, and decided to return it first, then grab the Krabby, hoping it was a much calmer soul. He returned Kunai, and, upside down and away from his body as to avoid poisonous/sleep inducing/paralyzing powders. He'd request some healing for it.

(This works, right?)
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