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Default Odyssey: the Stone of Destruction [OCC]

Pokémon Odyssey:
The Stone of Destruction

This is a Pokémon-only RP, rated T (blood, moderate romance & language)


Once upon a time, there were two Tribes of Pokemon fighting for dominance over the Fenju Temple. Both of those Tribes worshipped a stone, the "darkstar" which believed to hold unspeakable power that only those chosen by it had access to it. After many years of wars, the two Tribes decided that it was best they merged into one, singular Kingdom, as to protect their sacred secret in unision. The Kingdom came to be known as Anemos Kingdom. All Pokémon of the region lived peacefully for almost 200 years, united under a single banner as they were, until the Dark Cult, an evil and sadistic organization of the northern Kingdom, launched a ferocious attack. They battled their way through the Kingdom, wanting to steal the darkstar from the Fenju Temple. The Kingdom then formed the Argent Dawn, a group of elite soldiers that were dedicated to protecting the Empire from the Dark Cult. However, a large part of them were crushed in the defense of a city, from where the Dark Cult launched a direct attack on the Citadel of Anemos, where the monasteries and the Fenju Temple were. As a final resort while the Dark Cult was storming the Citadel, the Emperor unleashed the wrath of the darkstar, causing a massive earthquake that ravaged the Cult's monstrous army. The third year of this war ended with them retreating to the cities of Anemos they had already conquered, only to start regrouping again to launch another assault on the Citadel. How long before they prevailed against the remaining members of the Argent Dawn? Will Anemos kneel to the Dark Cult, or will they fight back?

Map of Anemos



1 - the Citadel of Anemos The Kingdom of Anemos was established in this very location by the two Tribes. The Temple of Fenju is inside the Citadel, precisely into a mountainous spire that grows in its middle; on the mountain ranges around the Citadel, there are monasteries with monks who worship the secret of the Temple. While Pokemon from Anemos are welcome in the Citadel, strangers are not, as the locals are very secretive and protective of the Kingdom. Ever since its creation, the Citadel has become a large set of houses (primarily made of stone), which are surrounded by great thirty feet high walls. In the far back of the Citadel, on the foot of the abrupt mountains that emerge like spires, there is the Palace where King Lucius II resides.

2 - Arta The fairly big town was partly destroyed by the massive earthquake caused from the use of the darkstar; in defense of this town, a large part of the Argent Dawn were consumed by a void portal the Dark Cult had opened - but Arta remained safe and under Anemian control. A memorial statue was raised in the outskirts of the town to honor those who died protecting the town.

3 - Terra Once a town brimming with life and activity, Terra was a major trade point of Anemos. It was surrounded by beautiful plains and the quiet forest - until the Dark Cult came and burnt part of the forest down and took control of the town, stealing all of its merchandise and forcing the residents into slavery.

4 - Loruma A town hidden in the thick expanse of Loruma forest, it took its name from the area it was built in. It managed to evade detection by the Dark Cult and thus has cut its connections with the Citadel, remaining in the shadows of Loruma forest. The Dark Cult has set out on many expeditions to discover the elusive town, but its residents have made sure none of them returned.

5 - Ossa The first town to fall under the Cult's control, as it is located on the northern border of the Kingdom; once a quiet, peaceful village, it has transformed into the Dark Cult's main operations center in Anemos. Multiple camps full of the soldiers of the Dark Cult lay around the town, which also bears the palace where the Cult's high command rests. No original resident of Ossa is alive; all died with their town, when it was brutally attacked three years ago. Due to the immense amount of dark powers gathered in the area, the flora has died down and a constant fog engulfs the area.

6 - Sithonia A large city built inside the Creelic Canyon, it was once a powerful ally of the Citadel, known for its big amount of dragon Pokemon residents. Though, it has mysteriously vanished from its original place when the Cult invaded Anemos - just like that. Everybody who visited the land where Sithonia was once built would only find rocks and cliffs, an empty wasteland on the bottom of the Canyon.

X's - Dark Cult's bases

1 - Cartel Base The first Base to be built, two years ago, it is characterized by the black lighthouse/wind turbine that is built inside it, which generates the whole base.

2 - Suni Base Most recent Base of the Dark Cult, it contains many warehouses full of goods and supplies.


Ravaged Lands Once beautiful plains, they have now turned into a torn, rugged land by the earthquake.

Bergina & Elusion Plains Before the earthquake, the two of those plains and the Ravaged Lands were one single, grand plain.

Danube Wastelands After the Cult's coming to Anemos, these lands became desolate; the flora withered, and dust coming from the north replaced the vivid, fertile soil. These wastelands are now covered by a constant fog, or sandstorm that is whipped up by strong winds.

Creelic Canyon A deep, dark canyon with countless of caves; many dragon skeletons have been found, as well as fossils - the area is said to be an enormous dragon graveyard. Hundreds of pointy spires emerge from the ground, making flight extremely dangerous.

Your Role

You can either be an Argent Dawn soldier, or a Dark Cult follower.

- The Argent Dawn
The Argent Dawn is a force of skilled, highly trained Pokemon with a single purpose: to protect the Anemos Kingdom in its entirety. It was created three years before the conflict of the present day and has since then established a powerful stronghold within the Citadel. The group that was formed initially consisted of 2000 Pokemon, but on the destruction of Arta, nearly 3/4 of the Argent Dawn were vanquished, along with their leader Fiaje Imaho who is also represented in their insignia (a Braviary).

They are affiliated and influenced by the King, whom they consider part of the Kingdom that has to be protected; in other words, a special part of the Argent Dawn is dedicated to serve the King as bodyguards. Having formed during times of war, the organization is mainly consisted of Pokemon with a strong sense of patriotism and love for the King and their nation, accompanied with passion to regain and maintain the Kingdom's freedom fully.

Their main tasks in the RP is raid the Dark Cult's bases and re-take the towns that have fallen under their rule.

Insignia the insignia of the Argent Dawn is the Braviary, the old leader of the force.

- The Dark Cult
The Dark Cult is a community that follow a cryptic religion, with more than one million members in its ranks. It is among the oldest institutions in the world and has played a prominent role in the history of the world as we know it so far. The Cult's hierarchy is led by the Prophet Ali Kemal and the Cardinals, as well as the Templar Council. The Dark Cult empowers and enforces its dominance on the Empire it rules through the Dark Prophecy, claiming that their followers are in authority of the world. It teaches that the world's destruction is at hand and that if they do not control it, they will be unable to summon the Gods of Black and White into the world to stop what is coming, that its Prophet and Cardinals are directly related to the Archaic Precursors and thus are legendary beings. It also teaches that war is sacred in the occasion of the Cult wanting to expand the range of their beliefs or their amount of followers, leading into the phenomenon of the fanatism that has not appeared in the recent Pokemon world.

The Cult's dogma maintains that it is infallible when the Prophet and the Cardinals are in agreement on one position as definitely to be held in matters of faith or morals. The worship of the Gods of Black and White is highly liturgical, focusing on establishing a connection between the Gods and the wielder of faith that looks onto building a better future. The Cult teaches that sacrifices (be it the blood of their enemies or a wild Pokemon presented as gift) must be made, in order for their vision to be achieved.

The Dark Cult holds their Prophet, who is said to have lived over 700 years, amongst the Gods of Black and White in regard; seen not only as a public figure or community leader, but as a God, he has gathered absolute power over the Cult and the Empire he rules.

The primary role of the Dark Cult in the RP is to battle the Argent Dawn to maintain their dominance over Anemos and push them back to the Citadel.

Symbol the Symbol of the Cult is a heart being crossed by two cutlasses.

SU Format
Age: (15+)
Pokemon Species: (no legendaries)
Side: (Argent Dawn or Dark Cult?)
Move set: (6 max)

My SUs -

Name: Hector Legendario
Age: 21
Pokemon Species: Lucario
Side: Argent Dawn
Gender: Male
Appearance: Hector has a red sash tied around his waist, which has the insignia of the Argent Dawn on it. He also wears shiny silver shoulderpads that fit perfectly onto his body. A necklace with a brimming ruby crystal is hanging down his neck.

Personality: Hector is a charismatic and kindhearted Pokemon, honorable to the Argent Dawn's cause; he holds deep respect for his creed, as well as his comrades. He is very proud of his heritage and his position in the army. He is a powerful warrior with a strong sense of morality and heroism; he appears to be thoughtful and intense, although some times quite judgemental. His inbuilt sense of right and wrong often leads him into reckless and naive decisions regarding battle. Hector is a relatively quiet person, but he is great company when he is cheerful. He is fully devoted and loyal to his friends.

Background: Hector was born to an aristocratic family of the Citadel, his father (a Blaziken) being one of the most skilled battlemasters of the Kingdom. Having trained under his watch, Hector gained the skills and knowledge he needed to become an appropriate warrior; not long before the Dark Cult invaded the northernmost village of Anemos, Hector joined the Argent Dawn to aid in the defense of the Empire. When his father died in the Cult's assault on the Citadel, he sworn eternal vengeance upon it; that is why he is so focused to his task.

Move set: Close Combat, Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon, Blaze Kick (egg move), Protect, Heal Pulse

Name: Vincent Blados, the 'Firestarter'
Age: 38
Pokemon Species: Typhlosion
Side: Dark Cult
Gender: Male
Appearance: Vincent is alot taller and bulkier than a normal Typhlosion, as he is rumored to have been blessed with the power of the void. He has a massive brown, menacing scar across his face; his glowing eyes are amber colored. Two spiked vambraces each bearing the symbol of the Dark Cult, a black heart being crossed by two cutlasses, engulf his hands.

Personality: Vincent is a wicked, evil Pokemon with twisted ideals and beliefs; he shows absolutly no mercy, while it is his pleasure to turn the battlefields into blazing furnaces of death. As the Supreme Commander of the Dark Cult, he is famed for his extremely powerful fiery attacks that grant his targets a quick death. He appears to be so devoted to the Cult that he is often said to be insane; his appearance gives that feeling as well, as his presence is enough to terrify even his own troops.

Vincent believes in zero-tolerance discipline, which means anyone who fails him will face a harsh punishment, and those who oppose him can only hope for a quick, quaint death. Over the years of the war, he has developed a natural hatred for the Pokemon of Anemos. In battle, his fury is relentless, however careless - his fire attacks have killed hundreds of his own men in the battlefield.

Background: Little is known about Vincent's early years; he joined the Dark Cult as a mercenary, but quickly became devoted to the cause, and after the span of 10 years, he was appointed Supreme Commander of its forces.

Move set: Flamethrower, Inferno, Eruption, Hidden Power, Flame Wheel, Earthquake

Accepted Players

The Argent Dawn
Phantom Dancer - Hector Legendario
Popshakes - Kora Vermios
Hyosuke (reserved)
Altrius (reserved)

The Dark Cult
Phantom Dancer - Vincent Blados, the "Firestarter"
Popshakes -
Hyosuke (reserved)
Altrius (reserved)

  • All the forum rules apply
  • No Godmodding or bunnying
  • This is rated T
  • Try to be active, please. If you are going to be absent for a certain period of time, message me.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling!
  • Have fun!

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