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You arrive at Professor Cedar's lab and enter. Inside there are lab assistants running around, chasing Pokemon, yelling and all around looking stressed out. The Professor is in the middle of them all, looking a lot more stressed than when you saw her earlier.

"Logan!" she cries when she spots you. "Is everything okay? Your Shellder isn't affected is it?" she asks. "The lab Pokemon are acting strange. It seems to be something to do with this purple haze covering Celestia. Pokemon owned by trainers appear to be unaffected, but these ones haven't been matched yet. For some reason, they're all trying to escape!"

She reaches down and scoops up a Teddiursa that was making for the door. It struggles in her arms, but she doesn't let it go.

"We've got most of them under control now, but we're missing two Pokemon: an Oddish and a Krabby. They must be in the town somewhere... will you have a look for me?" she pleads. "They'll probably head straight for their natural habitats. They're only hatchlings, they won't be dangerous." at that moment the Teddiursa bites down on her arm, hard. She winces slightly but pretends nothing happened. "I-I'm worried about them. You can just scoop them up if you find them. Thanks Logan!" she smiles, without waiting for you to answer. She hurries off with the Teddiursa before you can say anything. You can't help but think she planned it that way...
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"Uhh, understood!" Logan said, not terribly sure if the professor's statements were genuine concerning the 'they won't be dangerous' bit. Either way, just like he would have wanted his Shellder, he bet other trainers would have wanted a Krabby or an Oddish. Henceforth, his morality said to go get the both of them.

He KNEW where both would be already, as a bonus. The 4-year Trainer School was already paying off. An Oddish is more comfortable in a place like the wildflower patch he just investigated. As for the Krabby, the rocky shore was more to it's tastes. He just had to get started looking, it wouldn't be terribly hard...Unless they decided to move away...Or get themselves eaten. Krabby and Oddish were nowhere near the top of the food chain...

Logan decided to grab the Oddish first, heading towards the wildflower patch. He just hoped the Oddish didn't decide to go farther than that...Also, he hoped he didn't have to recapture the Oddish. Oddish knew such moves as Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, and Poison powder, that he would absolutely hate to encounter this early, especially against his Shellder...

...What to name him, anyways? Or was it a her?

He'd probably go for something cool-sounding. But that was currently irrelevant. Off to find and Oddish he went.

...All he wanted was a good night's sleep, though...
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