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Default Re: Route 1

Name: Cobalt
Party: Kirlia
Currently: Feeling like a pyromanic...

Suddenly it hit me what Kirlia was trying to say. Fire. Fire creates light, and burns. I looked around on the ground and found what I needed. 2 medium sized rocks, and a branch full of leaves. The rocks were the size of baseballs, and the branch about 4 foot tall, 2 across, covered in leaves. I laid the branch on the ground, and bashed the rocks together. After a few times I finally created a spark, which caught on one of the leaves. It burnt slowly, and I got on my hands and knees and blew, making the flame bigger. Damn I wish I had a Torchic or Charmander now. The flames grew bigger, and eventually engulfed the entire branch. I could feel my hand starting to burn, but knew that I had to deal with it.

"Kirlia! Magical leaf from the flaming branch!" I said. I felt the burning leaves pulled off the branch, as the flew towards the beast in the creek. I heard a spine tingling scream as all the leaves hit home. The glow of the leaves, plus the fire, were harming the beast. After a few seconds of screaming, it descended into the water. I stood back, hoping this would be the end of it all (hint hint)...

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