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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Name: Cobalt
Pokemon: Ralts
Currently: scheming

"Kirlia! Heal Pulse on Pikachu!" I yelled. A light blue wave flowed from Kirlia and hit pikachu causing it to wake up.
"Kirlia, try and take care of yourself for a few minutes!" I said. Kirlia nodded, then used Psychic to push the tentacles back. He then used Magical Leaf.
"Pikachu, I know I am not your trainer. Your trainer sent me to find you. See I have your pokeball." I said holding up the pokeball as proof, "I know you don't want to listen to some stranger, but Kirlia is risking his life for you, so all I ask is that you use thunderbolt on the water. That will give us a chance."
Kirlia continued to fight the losing battle as another telekinetic barrier was shattered. Pikachu looked at me confused, and now I hope it understands...
Official's Post (Cobalt Shadow)

The Pikachu looks at you for a moment... suddenly its eyes droop and it falls backwards. The shadow creature roars with delight. It flails its tentacles viciously. Is Pikachu's health connected to the shadow creature? Maybe it will wake up if you defeat it...

Kirlia looks over at you. Words begin to swim in your head. Shadows... warmth... light... suddenly a picture of the lighthouse enters your mind. What is Kirlia trying to tell you?!
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