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Default Re: Route 1

Name: Artemis
Party: Eevee
Currently: FATEFUL REUNION OF FATE... in progress X3

Luckily, Eevee had not gone too far, thus catching up was't too difficult. Artemis noticed her Pokémon's small body shake slightly, but couldn't tell if it was out of fear or if that sound was to blame.

"It'll be okay..."

Eevee only looked at her with doubtful eyes.

"I'm not making things up... it'll take more then a shadow to best us" although she was downplaying the situation some, the girl did believe her words.

The Pokémon still appeared unsure, although she had stopped trembling, seemingly in response to Artemis's reassurance. However, before the teenager could add more, Eevee's ears began to twitch.

"Is something wrong?"

"Veeev" the small creature exclaimed, her head turning in the direction Cobalt had gone. Both stayed silent for a moment, trying to pick up any additional sounds. Nothing.

"We have to try and find them..." Artemis broke the pause, her eyes still gazing in that direction. The small Pokémon didn't reply, but stood up and started toward where she'd heard the voice....

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