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Default Re: Route 1

Name: Cobalt
Pokemon: Kirlia
Currently: regretting splitting up

"Oh Shi..." I began as one of the shadowy tentacles bean to move towards me. I ducked out o the way, barely missing it.
"Kirlia! Get pikachu down here!" I yelled. Kirlia nodded and grunted, running towards the creek. Suddenly he disappeared. He must have teleported though I don't know where.s Suddenly he appeared, above the tentacle holding the pikachu. It landed on the shadowy tentacle. Kirlia grabbed pikachu, then teleported next to me, bringing pikachu with him. I picked up pikachu then continued the battle.
"Kirlia! Magical Leaf!" I yelled. Kirlia was much faster than Ralts, which was obvious from the way it got Pikachu. Ralts would never have been able to pull that off. Now I see how much stronger it is...
Leaves from the ground and the nearby trees levitated in front of Kirlia and began to glow. Suddenly they all shot towards the tentacles. Though it seemed to hurt it, it wasn't slowing it down. Now I am regretting leaving Artemis.
"Artemis! Eevee!" I yelled out, hoping Eevee had as good a hearing as Artemis claimed...


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