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Default Re: Route 1

Name: Artemis
Party: Eevee
Currently: Chasing one upset Eevee

Artemis is very uncomfortable, it's quite visible in her features and posture. However, even with the fear mounting inside, she stands her ground. Whatever the creature was, it certainly wouldn't bully her without a fight.

That being thought, she was concerned about Cobalt. She hadn't heard him or Ralts since they split and in these conditions, that probably didn't spell good news.

"Cobalt!" Artemis called into the dark mist, her voice consumed by the void. He didn't respond. "C'mon, we sh-" the teenager was, interpreted by another sharp cry. It was much louder then the last, enough for Eevee to cringe in pain and run off.

Without thinking, Artemis dashed after her Pokémon, into the unknown...

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