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Default Re: Route 1

Name: Cobalt
Party: Ralts (Or is it)
Currently: getting sick of chasing these pokemon!

I ran ahead to where Ralts' pokeball lands and he was released, using the light of magical leaf to get through the thick forest. After a minute or so I found Ralts. Suddenly he started glowing...
"Ralts?! What's going on?" I asked. Suddenly the light became stronger than ever, forcing me to look away. When the light subsided Ralts was gone and Kirlia was in his place. Ralts had evolved!
"Your taller Ralts!" I laughed.
"Kirlia!" It said in response smiling.
"I guess you are Kirlia now!" I laughed, "but you look like a girl."
Kirlia didn't like that, and pouted until he saw the slash on my arm from magical leaf. Kirlia closed his eyes. Suddenly I felt a cold wave hit me, as if water was splashed on me. I looked down at the wound, which started to heal. Kirlia must have learnt heal pulse.
"Come on Kirlia, we had better find that pokemon or at least Artemis." I said.
To my right I heard a creek. Pokemon need water. Maybe the electric ones will be there.
We walked to the creek and inspected both sides with no luck. Suddenly I heard a pokemon cry. I didn't recognise it, but as soon as I heard it, I yelled "Kirlia Psychic!!!"
Kirlia closed his eyes and let out a shrill cry. Suddenly a telekinetic pulse flew through the trees knocking leaves from the ground into the air. There was silence after that, but I could have sworn I heard a thump of something hitting the ground...

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