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Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
Logan Falchino
Party: Kunai the Shellder
Celebrating his newfound Trainerdom properly.

Was that it?

That was terrifically easy, not counting the fact he nearly crashed thanks to a less-than-properly-functioning lighthouse (He still wasn't sure what was going on with the light, haze aside). He was expecting checks for criminal backgrounds, digging into the personal life, and literal mountains of paper. He did have to wait in a long line made of trainers who lacked the patiance to start their journies tomorrow, and he swore that he heard some fireworks from outside

BUT WHO CARED?!?! He got his starter, and it felt like, in all honesty, his life had actually begun. The instant he got handed his Starter Pokemon, he felt vividly alive. Estatic was the only word for it. He had to contain his whoop until he got to a spot where nobody would pay him any mind, but Logan Falchino whooped extraordinarily loud once he did.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Logan went, almost insane with happiness. FINALLY, after freaking SIX years of added waiting (technically four, as living in Unova forced the minimum age up to twelve, but his parents and his uncle had asked him for an additional four-year training school on top of that), Logan has gotten his Starter Pokémon.

It was a Shellder, of course. He picked it himself. He had several reasons for it. One, it was a water type that could learn Surf, meaning he didn’t have to worry about having to look for a Water-Type that could learn Surf later. Two, Shellder had a good relationship with such moves as Icicle Spear and Rock Blast, and albeit he knew he wouldn’t be winning whole battles on it, it would definitely make life easier. And Three, it was just kind of cute in its own, weird way. It was probably a lonely Pokémon until Logan got a hold of it, and come on, who else would choose a Shellder?

Anyways, all that was preventing him from heading out to route 1 and TRULY starting the journey, was...Well, the police. To be more accurate, the haze apparently had the town at large rather nervous, and this stirred up the police force to do some patrolls. Nobody was allowed in or out of the town. He didn't really hear anything about just exploring the town itself, though, and if he couldn't, then he'd just stay at Professor Cedar's until it blew over.

The highlight of his life (hopefully) officially started now. Despite the rather glum atmosphere the haze made, he was happy.
Official's Post

As you exit the lab and walk around, people have already started going back into their houses after the excitement of the night. You hear some muttering about the lighthouse, boats and fireworks as they close their doors... strange.

Soon you're the only one left out under the hazy sky. Aside from the police officers of course. They look to be a little on edge, as if something has spooked them. One of them spots you and walks over.

"Maybe you should find a place to stay for the night, son," he says, not unkindly. "No one is allowed to leave the town for now, not even Pokemon Trainers." He shakes his head and walks back to his post at the entrance to Route 1.

The town stretches before you. The rocky beach to the north, Professor Cedar's lab, the lighthouse: now dark once more, and a few scattered houses. Andromeda Town really is quite small. All around the town are small meadows filled with wild flowers.

Tonight there is a chill in the air. Winter will be coming soon. You try to decide how you want to spend the rest of the night...
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