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Derick Breekar

"A new day, a new experience, a new world of possibilites." Derick thought to himself as he watched the contestant acceptence video once more before leaving his house that had been only a few blocks away from the main event. He looked down toward his belt where his Purrloin's pokeball sat in wait to join in. As he walked down the three steps to the sidewalk he contemplated letting her out for some play. Derick brushed this thought away and decided to make his way down to the SUMMIT Game Center. Getting there would be the easy part, entering without a fuss would be another matter entirely.

Derick arrived earlier than most of the other contestents. He decided to watch and make a plan on how to get past the crazed fans and news reporters. In only the first few moments of him being there a Blaziken had used Fire Spin of all things.

"What a dangerous way of getting in, that must have been one of the contestants." a girl a few steps away from him mumbled. He glanced at her for a slight moment and redirected his attention back to the Game Center.

Next, there was a commotion, people were yelling at a man who had teleported into the entrance. He seemingly flashed a invitation and proceeded into the center. "Now if I could only do that...." Derick thought to himself deciding to observe more before acting upon his entrance.

Another contestant made her way through the crowd escorted by a guard, "How embarrassing. I'd rather use Purrloin then actually have a guard escort me." He watched as the crowd went crazy over the contestants entering. Derick turned his head to see a man enter the crowd with a "I Love Nimbasa" hoodie on and a Krookodile follow him. A few minutes passed and he had came to the conclusion that he was also a contestant and will also probably use his pokemon for his entrance. Suddenly, a sandstorm flew up and around.

"CRAP." is all Derick could say before covering his eyes. As soon as the sandstorm subsided he looked down at his clothes. They were a mess. His white T-shirt had stains of brown from the sand, the hoodie looked battered up, his jeans had looked worn now, and his shoes looked older and worn. He raised his hands to his hair and brushed out the sand. At least he protected his eyes, many people were yelling in anger while rubbing their eyes. Through the crowd he could spot a girl with a weirdly shaped balloon make her way through the crowd. She also ended up being a contestant.

"Dang, how am I going to make it in without this crazy crowd killing me? Will they even believe i'm a contestant looking like I do now?" Derick thought as he waited for a few more contestants to show up before finding a way through. He saw a girl with a Jolteon make her way into the crowd and decided to back away as a precaution. Boy, was he right to do that. The girl attacked the crowd and also made her way inside. He was learning how much distance to keep from the actual crowd at least.

While thinking of another way inside he decided to take a look at how the protesters were doing and saw some weird girl talking them up. Something about them expanding and her distracting the guard. How dumb. Why would she want to help a worthless bunch of idiots. His eyes followed the girl, curious on how she would "distract" the guard. While in the midst of her conversation he noticed her flash a paper and as she did that the guard let her through. Why couldn't it just be that simple for him?

Derick made his way farther into the crowd and spotted another guy make it in with the help of some girls. They seemed pissed about something after the guy entered. A guy he wished he looked like, he seemed perfect. Women must love him. He made his way to the entrance, most fans didn't think he was a contestant because of the way he looked. He had been in the sandstorm and was all worn and battered from it.

"You got hit by the storm didn't you boy?" a man asked as he made his way through. He smiled at the man and quickly replied, "Yeah these contestants are crazy aren't they?" The man nodded to him and he heard a few people laugh at his comment in agreement. People seemed to be letting him through a little easier than people they thought may be a contestant. He smiled nicely at people and talked to a few. Finally he was a few people away from the entrance. Suddenly Derick was pushed by the crowd and fell. The invitation peeked out from his jean pocket with "Welcome Contestant" written on it.

His face flushed and he looked up at the people and one by one they noticed his invitation. He had to think fast if he wanted to get to the guards alive. He grabbed for his pokeball and released his Purrloin. The crowd around him jumped back in surprise from what had already taken place today. As the pokemon took form of his Purrloin there was a wall of laughter from the crowd. "What a pathetic pokemon!!!" someone yelled out. Derick's eyes started to water and in anger he yelled, "Dante use Torment now!!" The crowd in anger and pain backed off and Derick quickly gathered himself and ran to the entrance with his Purrloin, Dante. He showed the guard his invitation and they let him through. The guards didn't seem to be affected by Torment.

As he entered he could hear the anger in the crowd, "I already have enemies...gah. Dante you were a little too harsh there don't you think? But thank you for saving me. I would have been a goner." He chuckled and entered the doors. There were many signs leading the way. Derick grabbed his pokeball before he was in anyone's sight and put Dante away for a surprise later. He looked down at his outfit, "Great. I look like crap. My clothes are all battered and worn from earlier. Damn guy for sending a storm out on the crowd. I'm no better for tormenting the crowd but at least it wasn't physical damage."

Entering the lobby where the other contestants he had seen earlier he spotted a man who seemed of importance. His name tag had said, "Freddie Spencer" on it. He made his way toward the boy, sand falling from his jacket pockets and pieces of his hair as he walked over. "Oh, it's raining Derick....." he thought and smiled. He then realized is eyes were still teary and mumbled something in anger to himself for not wiping them. It was already too late, he looked like a complete weakling.

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