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NAME: Zachary Richards


PERSONALITY: Zac is a cold person to be around. He only gets along with his Metagross being his only pokemon. However Zac deeply cares for Metagross and may care for others as well even though he doesn't show it. He is very pesistent and stubborn which is why he doesn't respond to people well. Rather than pick fights he tries to avoid them because his Metagross has a short temper.

APPEARANCE: Outside the battle field he is about six foot. He has dark brown hair with a red tint. He is a bit pale and has blue eyes. He wears a black short sleeve top with blue jeans. He sometimes wheres a green jacket but only rarely as he says it not his style. He has red sneakers and a black digital watch.

On the battle field he has light blue battle armour with glowing grey lines with flashes of pink to show Metagross's types. His helmet has a grey cross on it at eye level with glows during a psychic attack. His arms and legs look similar to Metagross's legs except with Zac hands at the end.

HISTORY: Zac never had any friends. All he did in his spare time was explore areas near the battle zone. He usually went to route 228 to observe pokemon. He though that observing pokemon might give him an understanding to them. One night he snuck out and saw a figure. It was quick but Zac was able to follow it. It was a Beldum. While trying to get a closer look it disapeared. Night after night he tried to find that Beldum. One day he found that Beldum hurt and injured. He healed it with a super potion but when it healed it fled.

A month later Zac came to observe more pokemon when a Rhydon came out of nowhere and attacked him. Since Zac had no pokemon he tried to get away but Rhydon used Rock Slide and Zac sprained his ankle. Suddenly Metang appeared and attacked Rhydon. Rhydon knocked Metang out of the way then headed for Zac. Metang started to glow and charged right at Rhydon. Before the impact Zac blacked out. When Zac awoke he was in a cave with a injured Metagross. Zac looked into Metagross eyes and relised it was the Beldum he saw a month ago. He healed the Metagross and Metagross used psychic on Zac's pokeball and activated it. Metagross was caught and there friend ship began.

2 years later Zac was Unova to take a holiday with Metagross. Zac fought a battle with another trainer and when he lost Metagross was determined to become stronger. Metagross trained and trained with Zac but wouldn't. Zac then found out about the Pokemon Gladiators returning and tried to get approved. He got in and when he found out he will be linked to his pokemon he thought he will finially see what it would to be like Metagross.


ABILITIES: Metallic Skin, Super Intelligence, Psychic, Super Strong and Can hover.

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