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Nicole "Nikki" Eelayo

“Welcome to the SUMMIT Game Center!” Freddie called to them. “My name’s Freddie Spencer, and I’ll be your game guide for this event. Before we can start, the company has asked that you sign these release forms… Of course, there’s no need to worry about injuries in the VR, but—well, better safe than sorry, right?”

Nikki blushed lightly, not listening to a thing the intern mentioned about SUMMIT. The most she caught out the trailing words was his name. As papers reached her hands she snapped out of her daze, whispered a 'thanks' and shuffled off to a distant table before glancing back cautiously, "So, he's supposed to show us around the game?" Nikki muttered, feeling the spikes from Lightning brush against her leg. Nikki sighed and rolled her eyes, "Might as well see what I got myself into." She groaned, sitting across the table from a dark haired woman who looked botherd by the looks of it from this strange boy standing by her. It wasn't Nikki's problem so she payed more attention to the paperwork.

"Ugh, this just goes on and on, Lightning..." Nikki sighed, placing her left hand on Lightning's head, which was nuzzled gently on her lap. The paperwork seemed to never end. She glanced through the topics of which some of these papers were based off of, "Disclaimers, hazzards, legalities... blah..." She griped, 'I just want to see more of that cute intern.' She smiled, taking a glance over her shoulder trying to pretend she was looking over her competition, 'Dang, I can't get a good luck of his face... oh, well.' Giving up in hopes of peeking on Freddie she grudgingly went back to signing the documents.

Damon Eelayo

The day was still young as Damon trotted along the sidewalks of his hometown of Nimbasa City. His bright smile complimented his almost flawless appearance as he carelessly inhaled the bustling air - both hands camping in their respective pockets. The light wind circled on his open chest, giving him a slight tremor in his spine, "Man, Thunder, we missed out now, didn't we, brah?" He cooly spoke, arching one eyebrow as he cocked a grin at his slick partner, Thunder the Manectric. The electric wolf howled out in agreement, giving off a light spark from his mane. His ruby eyes caught with Damon's own emerald eyes and the two just knew what the other was feeling - pride. Pride that they were chosen out of all of the possible people in the world to try out this game called GLADIATOR.

Some women ran past the duo on their way to the arcade when they paused to glance at Damon - his figure was perfect in many ways. Through years of training his body he gained what most wished they had and more, "Sup, ladies." He spoke with a light chuckle. The women swooned and immediately flocked. Damon was definitely used to this and played it off cool.

"Are you new here?" One of the girls piped, placing a hand gingerly on his left bicep. Damon blazed a grin, "Of course not. In fact, I was born and raised here. Name's Damon Eelayo." He smoothly replied, raising an eyebrow, retracting a hand from his skinny jeans and placing a hand out.

The other girl paused a moment, recollecting her past memories, "Hands off him, Delilah. That's Damon Eelayo. Don't you remember him? He was the heartbreaker of Nimbasa High." The girl scowled, giving the adonis a glare.

Delilah and the other girl looked at each other then at Damon, "Woah, ladies, ladies, ladies! I'm a changed man! I swear!" Damon piped, shaking his hands wildly in front of himself. Damon glanced at Thunder, "Boy, gimme'a hand here!" He pleaded, looking to his Manectric for help. Thunder only chuckled, backing away with a sinister grin, "Not you too!" He frowned. Suddenly, a thought erupted, "What if I told you gals' that I could get you into GLADIATOR?" He smirked, regaining his cool.

The three glanced at one another, passed a few whispers and glares around then stepped forward, "Alright, Damon, how do you suppose you'd do that? Huh?" The three crossed their arms defiantly with feet tapping, waiting for his answer.

Damon brushed a hand back in his black tufts of hair, trailing a finger in the aqua curl on his forehead, "Well, m'ladies, what if I told you that you're looking at a contestant for GLADIATOR? SUMMIT's new game?" He grinned, slowly pulling out an envelope from an inside pocket from his black vest. He opened it up slowly, building their anticipation and showed them the top of the letter where the words "Welcome Contestant!" shimmered. The three girls gazed at it in awe before snapping out of their daze.

"So, um... where were we, Damon?" The sassy-mouthed one winked, placing her hands on his chest. The other two followed behind knowing they struck gold. Damon pushed the three aside, "Woah, ladies, I thought you wanted nothing to do with me?" He smirked, crossing his tightened arms.

"B-but, we didn't mean it... didn't we, girls?" The shy one piped, getting the other two to agree almost in sync.

Damon rolled his eyes, stuffing the letter back into his vest, "How 'bout this. You three get me to the arcade entrance without anyone knowing I'm a contestant, and I'll try to see about you three getting in - we have a deal?" He smirked, having another plan in mind. The three agreed in sync and took him by his arms. Damon was basically dragged into the Nimbasa Arcade parking lot with Thunder trailing behind them, "Damn, you gals'ave the strength of a thousand Bouffalant, eh?" He blinked, stopping with them at the back of the mob, "So, how do we get past'em?" He questioned, crossing his arms waiting patiently for their distraction to get him into the doors of the arcade.

"I've got this." One girl smirked, pushing herself into the crowd throwing two pokeballs, "Go, Gyarados and Flareon!" Damon watched as the flying serpent and frolicing hound pushed their way into the protestors and pedestrians. The reamining girls leached onto Damon, pushing him into the crowd as they took the distraction to their advantage, 'Excellent... these girls are doing all the work. The benefits of being ultra-attractive with a pass into GLADIATOR.' He grinned to himself, enjoying the ride. Damon glanced over his shoulder watching as one of his groupies was detained by, what looked like, five guards. He chuckled, manipulation came easy to Damon.

They neared the entrance when a guard blocked the way, pushing the three back with his baton, "You cannot pass beyond this point. Due to the mass numbers of crazed pyschos we cannot allow anyone to even step one more foot near the entrance." He huffed, accompanied by three fearsome Arcanine. One of the groupies stepped forward, "You don't understand, sir, this man has a pass as one of the contenstants!" She squeeled only receieving a pair of rolling eyes, "Unlikely. Do you know how many people have claimed to be contestants today?" He growled, "Now, get back before you all are detained."

Damon shook the girls off his arms, gave a light smile and silently pulled out his envelope, "Sir, what they say is the truth. Please, look here." He beamed, "Now, if you don't mind-" He chuckled, forcing his way through the barricade of hounds, "Oh, the Manectric is with me." He called to the guard, letting his canine through. One of the girls bellowed out in anger, "What about us?!"

Damon glanced back, smirked and kept walking forward, "What ABOUT you?" He huffed in laughter, stuffing his hands back into his pockets as he heard the guards trying to calm the groupies down. Damon presented himself to the guard at the actual entrance, flashed his envelope and rushed into the hallway of the arcade, "A'ight, Thunder, we're in! Dem' gals should 'ave known better than to believe me." He laughed, patting his chest in triumph, "No hard feelings, yeah?" He laughed, finding the entrance. He stopped short before opening the doors, "Do you think Nikki'll be watchin'?" He frowned, reaching for the door. Not receiving a reply he let out a shaky sigh, "Yeah... Well, let's go, yeah?" He whispered, forcing a smile as he pushed the door open.

Damon glanced around, his sun-kissed skin darkening just slightly under the strange lighting, "So, this is the competition, huh?" He spoke aloud, trying to gain some attention. Thunder howled behind his trainer as his feet padded the ground.
Nikki was interupted from signing the documents. That voice sounded familiar - too familiar. She could feel a vibration on her lap and as she glanced down she noticed Lightning growling under his breath, "What is it, boy?" She whispered, watching her Jolteon turn his head to stare at the newcomers. Nikki followed her companion's glance and felt her heart skip a beat, "Mother of Arceus, you've got to be kidding."
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