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Default Re: Hacking worth it?

A lot of people have legitimate hacks, ones that are generated (from Pokesav or something else), but have completely legitimate stats, moves, and whatnot. Hacking illegally is fine too, but ONLY if you use it for yourself in game (not in online battles or with other people). I have a Wondertomb which I only use in PWT to get BP. I NEVER use it in battle against another person.

As for fairness, if it's legitimate in stats, it's fair. The main point of battling online in places such as Global Link, is to win, sadly enough. Of course, there are jerks who like to go online a pummel kids for fun though, using completely illegitimate stats, abilities, moves, etc.

I wouldn't say I'm really proud of any hacked Pokemon I've created though. I haven't hacked a Pokemon in god knows how long. I only use the Pokemon Modifier code so I can catch them and breed the baby Pokemon I don't have. I discard the hacks after I receive the egg anyways.

Competitive battling actually MAINLY has the use of legitimate hacks. People who are too lazy or don't have the time will generate a Pokemon for competitive use. EV training does take a lot of time depending on how you do it. Breeding for natures, characteristics and IVs aren't a walk in the park either. I've never IV bred, but I know it takes weeks to get everything perfect.

It's a Snubbull eat Snubbull world, and with cheating devices come cheaters. The best way to avoid them is simply ignore them or not battle them.
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