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Default Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
what is this update that you speak of?
Complete overhaul of the combat system.
-New magic gear for free to play members
-Dual wielding for paying members (Very worth it. You deal just over 1/3 the damage and have just over half the accuracy of the main hand variant.) My two maces hit and kill in the blink of an eye
-Free to play melee gear had the minimum level prerequisites increased to balance out the gear flow (Nobody used bronze gear because Iron had the same level requirements)
-Adrenaline bar fills up during combat, it fills up faster if you use basic abilities such as an extra weapon attack, or special mage power.
-When the bar is at 50% or 100% you can use a special ability.
-All these abilities are based on your levels in strength, defense, magic, ranged, and attack
-You can set up these abilities on a hotkey bar, members have access to 5 hotkey bars. (Which is worth it if like me you have multiple playstyles)
-You can completely customize XP flow without changing what type of damage your melee weapon does now

A lot more that I haven't discovered yet, but they buffed the mage a lot by giving magic users more f2p gear, they made melee more balanced and fair, and didn't really touch ranged.

I love this new system, especially because when not in combat, your weapons and shields are at your waist or back, so it looks cool.
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