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Default [DS] A question of interest. (Viral Overgrowth Idea)

Hey guys.

So I was checking out some old posts of mine from some years ago. I stumbled across this old RP that was created. It was Viral Overgrowth, an RP hosted on the GTS+ forums for both PE2K and GTS+ Roleplayers to post in. It was probably the best forum post RP I've ever participated in, because Neo Pika, with NES2 and some of the GTS folk put a shed load of effort in. Just to show you how much effort went into it, here is the sign up alone, and the amount of story behind it.

The RP reached a colossal 22 pages in just a couple of months. It really was great, and the participants enjoyed it so much. For anyone interested in reading the RP, heres the link to it

There was even a follow up RP called Spring Cataclysm! I wasn't a participant of that sadly, I can't remember the reason why. Maybe I just wanted to leave my character Chuck dead.

Anyway. The point of this thread? I think the reason this RP was so successful was because it was so well planned. It was evident a lot of time and energy had been spent putting this in effect, and while the story was rich and engrossing, it was simple enough to join without feeling too overwhelmed. What I -really- want to know, is is there anybody interested in planning an RP or such a scale? Perhaps not on duel forums, but something that in-depth takes a fair amount of work.

I've noticed that recently RP hasn't been as busy of late, and perhaps a large-scale RP like Viral Overgrowth was could bring some excitement about.
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