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Default Re: Your B2/W2 Team!

Update!!!!: I have all gym badges and I have beaten the Elite 4 30 times now on challenge mode. I just caught my latios and traded all of the kings rock and regular trade evolutions.

Haxorus-Adamant-Lvl 100
Chandelure- Modest-100
Shny Garchomp-Adamant- Lvl 100
Lucario-Modest- Lvl 100

Currently Working on: Breeding tynamo until I get a modest natured tynamo. Then I will be EV training into Eelektross.
PB2 Team:

My Friend Code: 4513-8351-1241
Ingame Name: Zack G

Anybody Feel Free to Add me for Battle, Trading, Evolving Specials, Etc.
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