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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(Oh, hi Dredd. Welcome back!)

Hey, Elm, it's me, Markus. I have a question to ask you. We found these odd Pokemon in Sprout Tower, but I can't identify them...I caught one, but it's being silent for some reason, and you know, Pokemon cries and all that.

I'll try to give you a good description: It's...Well, it's shiny, apparently. Golden-colored It was wierd, because we found a whole swarm of the things...Anyways. It looks like a Ghost Type. It's got this skull-pattern like object for a face. There's this one glowing red light, which is kind of behind the 'bone' between the 'eyeholes' of the 'mask,' which I can't really identify as an eye of any sort. The mask doesn't have a lower jaw, so there are three small extrusions below the mask, kind of like teeth. The rest of it's body looks like a small shroud or cloak of sorts. It's 'arms' are tucked behind the body, and on the back, there's a bone pattern.

Do you have any idea what it is? It's not speaking, again.
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