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Default Re: Guess what I just hatched!!!

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
what do you mean nonsense? i am just telling the truth. EVs are not easter eggs for smogonites to discover, they are there to make the game more alive, the vitamins are for boosting your stats, not making EV training easier, and the same with feathers. and gamefreak did not intend EV training to be discovered, neither IV breeding.
Will you please just shut up about Smogonites? EV training does not revolve around Smogon! Also, if Gamefreak put EV/IV training into their games, there's a chance it's going to be discovered, so obviously they intended us to end up knowing, otherwise they would've just left the whole EV/IV business alone. Also, no, EVs are NOT easter eggs for anyone. EVs are to make the game more alive for the people interested in them, so they can mould their team into something new.

The vitamins say they are for boosting the stats, and if you don't care about EVs, that's what they do for you. But if you are interested in EV training, they help greatly with the EV training process.

So, back to the "Gamefreak didn't want them to be found". There's always a chance that any mechanic in a game will be discovered, especially Pokémon, so if you didn't want it to be discovered, why put it in a game? Also, if they don't want EV training to be discovered, why put NPCs in who tell you if you've hit the EV limit or not? Why include natures? It's not Gamefreak's way of responding to the fans' discovery, it's because Gamefreak wants people to EV train.

Your argument is ridiculous and I can't believe you still keep trying to brush it off. You don't have to like EV training and you don't have to participate in it yourself, but you should just accept that EVs are here, they've been discovered and that lots of people talk about EV training.

Also, about your "kids" argument, I know a group of kids who EV train like crazy and are totally into competitive battling with each other and trying out different strategies. Kids do EV train, y'know.

EDIT: A final note, to put it very shortly:
You don't have to like EVs, but just shut up and accept them. I didn't much like the idea of EVs when I first discovered them, either, but I never went out and argued. I just let them go on with their EV training.


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