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This seems interesting, I would like to reserve a character spot. I'll have my sheets done as soon as possible. :)

Derick Breekar
On normal terms Derick is a carefree normal teenager. He can be very serious at times when it is needed and is a very practical and deep thinker. Sometimes he get's into a devilish mood and pulls random pranks for no reason at all.
Derick has brown hair, his bangs are also swept to the right but is very messy and covers his whole forehead. It mostly spikes down in the middle. The rest of his hair spikes up and towards the right. It's naturally spiky, he doesn't alter his hair in any way at all.

Usually he wears a zip up jacket with a white t-shirt underneath. The jacket is green and the hood is white. His jacket is always open revealing his shirt underneath. He wears long denim jeans that reach down to his feet, he dislikes shorts and likes to avoid wearing them.

His tennis shoes have baby blue stripes on the sides and he wears medium length white socks that you are unable to see because of the length of his jeans. Derick wears a heart shaped locket with a picture of his sister inside. He wears a black wristband on his right arm with a symbol of a pokeball. It's lined with a white design.
Back when the original game was out Derick played a little. He always enjoyed playing with his sister Skyla before she went out into the real world. The night it was confirmed to shut down his sister had left the house. He misses her and has no form of contact with her at the moment. He carries around her picture in the locket given to him by her so to never forget her.

Recently there had been rumors of Gladiator's reopening. After hearing about it's reopening he knew he had to be one of the first to lay his eyes upon the game. Derick quickly sent in a video and waited for an approval. After some time he was accepted. He had been into video games lately and computer programming, but this by far will be the best game he'll play. When he heard about bringing one pokemon to connect with, Derick became curious. Obviously, he'd choose his Purrloin.
With this ability he is able to replace an item in the rivaling trainer's possession. An example would be replacing a sword with a knife. It has to be a simple replacement.
He can make an item weigh less than it actually is.
He can get into small places easier than the average person by condensing his stature for a limited time.



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