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Default Re: Guess what I just hatched!!!

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
the stat boost service/items in pokemon are not necessarily about EV training just because they have something to do with EVs, and the salloon is for happiness, they will refuse to groom your pokemon if your pokemon is already happy. just because they boost stats dosnt mean they are connected to EV training, i myself used the stat boosting items in R/S/E, not because i was EV training, but because i liked the fact that my pokemons stats were boosted.

also, we, (as in the pokemon community in general) didnt discover it, it was most likely discovered by a lonely basement dweller who had a little too much time on his hands and decided to do some experiments with pokemon, and so he discovered it all and triggered the storm.

again, pokemon is targeted towards children, and i dont think kids even know what natures do.
You sorely underestimate childrens capacity for gaming. Rather than a "basement dweller" it was probably just an ordinary kid like most of the users here who discovered natures.

You are right about Vitamins and Wings not being ALL about EV training, BUT, they ARE the main reason.

For wings specifically, they don't say it's directly tied to EV. but do you ever wonder why they go passed the vitamin limit?

It's to help EV train pokemon. that's the ONLY reason.

It's the same with the Stores in Join Avenue. YES they do also help with happiness, but their main reason is to help EV train their pokemon, hence why the Gym for example, lets you train in specific stats, not just randomly boosting a beneficial stat of a pokemon.

With regards to Happiness and grooming, there are berries to reduce happiness as well as stats.

I won't dispute that those facilities and items aren't just directly connected to EV training, but they to play some part in it, THAT you can't dispute.
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