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Freddie Spencer
Link: Luxray

“It’s Kyle, actually...”

Freddie’s smile wavered for a second, taken aback. He opened his mouth to stutter an embarrassed apology, but Kyle had already turned and left. The intern scratched at the back of his head, feeling sheepish. Perhaps he was more nervous than he had thought—how could he mess up someone’s name like that? Well, he hadn’t met any of these people before… but still, he should have been more professional about it.

Before he could dwell on his mistake for too long, another set of contestants rolled in: Molly Jackson, Nicole Eelayo, and Jingka Givrali. Glancing down, he quickly checked their names off his list. Excitement fluttered in his stomach again as he noted that they were almost all here.

Quickly plastering on his most winning smile, he moved forward to greet the trio.

“Welcome to the SUMMIT Game Center!” he called to them. “My name’s Freddie Spencer, and I’ll be your game guide for this event. Before we can start, the company has asked that you sign these release forms… Of course, there’s no need to worry about injuries in the VR, but—well, better safe than sorry, right?”

Freddie laughed weakly as he passed them the papers, but realized how silly he had sounded. Man, he hoped that he wasn’t going to sound like a complete idiot for the whole game. Come on, fight the nerves, fight the nerves!

The other contestants filled out their papers and handed them back to the anxious intern.

“So, when do we begin?” Jacob asked as he passed in his forms.

Freddie glanced at his list. “Well, hopefully as soon as everybody shows up. Looks like we’re waiting on a few more contestants to arrive.”

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