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Default Re: Guess what I just hatched!!!

Originally Posted by Dark Moonlight View Post
Explain the usage of the Salon in Join Avenue, then. It reduces stats so you can re-EV train, and also, what about the people in the games who tell you how much you have EV trained your Pokémon? I used to hate the idea of EV training, but I was battling a close friend of mine who EV trains, and she pwned me with a Blissey with 500-odd Hit Points. I personally don't do much EV training myself, as I find it a bit of an annoying process.

It's okay if you don't EV train yourself, but you should at least accept it. Also, not only kids play Pokémon. Adults do as well. My final point is that we don't use Smogon, either. I've never been to Smogon myself, actually, nor has my friend with the Blissey. EV training isn't all about Smogon. Also, vitamins, wings & fitness places in Join Avenue are to help EV training, but players are meant to find out about EV training themselves, which we have.

EDIT: Another note, Pokémon is not all about EV training. You don't need to EV train to play or enjoy Pokémon. EV training is just for people who want to give their Pokémon a boost and a strategy for competitive battling, which makes it a lot more competitive than randomness.
the stat boost service/items in pokemon are not necessarily about EV training just because they have something to do with EVs, and the salloon is for happiness, they will refuse to groom your pokemon if your pokemon is already happy. just because they boost stats dosnt mean they are connected to EV training, i myself used the stat boosting items in R/S/E, not because i was EV training, but because i liked the fact that my pokemons stats were boosted.

also, we, (as in the pokemon community in general) didnt discover it, it was most likely discovered by a lonely basement dweller who had a little too much time on his hands and decided to do some experiments with pokemon, and so he discovered it all and triggered the storm.

again, pokemon is targeted towards children, and i dont think kids even know what natures do.