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Default Re: The Miasma

Trainer: Minako
Currently: Wondering what the heck is going on.

How long have we been out of commission? Minako thought. Seeing her new friends in trouble, Minako decided to finally take some action. "Well, It's time to help Sarah, Zetsu, and the others! C'mon out guys!" Minako said as she threw 6 Poke Balls. Arcanine, Buneary, Boldore, Noctowl, Luxio, and Shiftry joined the battle.

"Marley, Fire Fang! Usagi, Fire Punch! Ishiyama, Stone Edge! Sora, Air Slash! Kami-chan, Thunder Fang! Kusako, Foul Play! Use your moves against the shadows and avoid the other trainers' Pokemon!" Minako commanded. Sure enough, all 6 attacks hit the mysterious shadows, weakening it somewhat. "Hey guys, have we made any headway on identiying the shadows?"
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