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Official's Post (Cobalt Shadow and Eternal Moonlight)

The old man looks relieved. "My Pokemon are Shinx and Pikachu," he says. He hands you a Pokeball each. "These are their Pokeballs. They were acting really strange before they ran away. I don't know if they'll respond to being returned, you may have to recapture them," he warns. "If you find them, bring them back here as soon as possible. Good luck!" He opens the trap door for you. This is it...

You may both now travel to Route 1 and search for the missing Pokemon. Remember there are police patrolling, not to mention the townspeople who were roused by the ship's horn and the fire, you will need to sneak out or create a diversion. You should plan your escape together. Route 1 itself is lifeless and covered in the thick mist that is currently prevalent throughout Celestia. No wild Pokemon are seen at all.
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