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Default Re: Guess what I just hatched!!!

First of all, IV's and EV's help a fair bit. IV's determine which stat is preferrential to that particular pokemon. EV's determine which stats grow fast and which grow slow.

To competitive battlers and even some regular gamers, IV's and EV's play an important role in their training.

Second up. EV trainine DOES NOT take "weeks". I can train up to 3 pokemon a day, and that's with taking breaks and doing other stuff.

Last of all, I doubt Gamefreak would be "laughing at us" for figuring out IV and EV training. They implemented the new game mechanic in order to further enhance the player's gaming experience, and to help optimize your pokemons stats efficiently, and with the introduction of "Battle Tower" and "Battle Frontier" in Crystal and Emerald, EV and IV training has, as i said before, become important factors in raising pokemon.

As for snowdrop.. grats! i myself, have a Garchomp that same paremeter, except replacing attack with special defense. Oddly enough, it had the exact EV and IV i wanted to train him with (Adamant - Likes to Run). I also have a "Modest Nature - Highly Curious" Gardevoir on SoulSilver.

Nothing beats knowing you're getting the best out of your pokemon's stats <3
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