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Default Re: Bronies and Anti-Bronies

Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
I would indefinitely call myself an anti-brony. Does that mean I am against My Little Pony? Hellsnaw. The show is pretty good, but when people create a cult surrounding the show and actively parade around, it gets on my nerves. I have friends who are slaves to Doctor Who (which is a very good show, but I digress), and I know they are really big fans. They do not, however, create a name for themselves in order to gain notoriety, and that is what it all comes down to.

There are a lot of things that I enjoy that no one on here knows about. I do not feel an obligation to go out of my way to make sure everyone knows I am a fan of something. Nor should fans of My Little Pony, Pokemon, Sonic, etc. I am a fan of Pokemon. I am on a Pokemon forum, but as Ant2011 said, there is a time and place for everything. I do not go on Facebook and speak like a Pokemon, I speak like a human being. I don't pester my friends about it. I keep it to myself until the appropriate time and place, just like people should do about a lot of things. The same should apply for fans of MLP, young and old.

I don't go around asking people if they like Pokemon, and if they say no go, "ZOMG I HATE YOU YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE IS NOW NULL TO ME". If someone asks me if I like Pokemon, I'll say yes. If they say no, "Okay." I'll wear Pokemon shirts and I even have a MLP spoof series shirt, but there are some people I know that go around flying like Rainbow Dash and bothering people constantly about MLP. Really annoying.

Nor do I go on Facebook and say, "SAW A PIKACHU IN MY YARD TODAY I ALMOST CAUGHT IT TOO." If someone insults me or someone else for liking any said series, then I'll definitely stand my ground and argue it. But it's not something you shove down everyone's throats.

Everyone has their own opinions and likings, but no one is wrong about liking/believing/or expressing them in MODERATION. The line is drawn when you become invasive with your opinions.
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