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Default Re: Andromeda Town

Official's Post (Cobalt Shadow and Eternal Moonlight)
You continue your search of the room, finding a few candles, some matches, paper with scrawled writing, a telescope, an old radio and a few bottles of water.

As you search around the room for anything interesting, you realise that it is starting to get lighter. You wonder if maybe the clouds have lifted... when you turn around to face the ocean, your feel your heart drop. That flashing light from earlier is much, much closer now. Close enough for you to see that it is in fact a very large boat. The light in the lighthouse seems to be dead. There's no way for the boat to know how close they are to the coast and they're headed straight this way. If you don't do something, not only is the boat in danger, but the whole of Andromeda Town could be smashed up, including the lighthouse!

You scramble around, looking for some kind of switch that could turn the light on. Eventually you find it, a giant red button. You press it and there is a whirring sound, the platform begins to move from side to side, brilliant! Well... it would be if the light was on. There is a large battery on the ground by the platform. It appears to be flat. Electric Pokemon are usually used to power the light, you know that much.

You try not to panic as the light from the boat grows brighter and brighter. You need to warn that boat before it's too late... but how!

Write about how you will warn the boat. Be as creative as you like! You will be rewarded based on creativity, realism and effectiveness of the tactic you choose! Good luck!
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