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Default Re: Your Gym Leader Challenge

Just for fun, I decided to make a "Challenge Mode" list.

The HARDEST gym leader line-up in a standard Pokemon game.

1st - Drayden (Dragon)

Dragon resists Water, Grass, AND Fire attacks. No starter has an advantage and your bird/rat Pokemon isn't going to fare much better.

2nd - Morty (Ghost)

A little easier. At the very least, your starter will have 1x effectiveness. All normal types are off the table though, and forget about that Bug/Poison Pokemon you caught in the forest.

3rd - Jasmine (Steel)

Finally, some type advantage. First time where choosing Fire is actually an advantage, assuming she doesn't use Steelix on you. Those resistances are going to be a pain getting through.

4th - Maylene (Fighting)

A little type advantage. Sort of. Better hope your flyer doesn't also dual-type as Normal. Again, Normal Pokemon are unused and if you caught an Abra, you're going to be grinding it up for awhile. Good luck.

5th - Cilan/Chili/Cress (Grass/Fire/Water)

The 2nd half of the gyms negates your Starter again, but by this point, you should have better type coverage.

6th - Tate and Liza (Psychic)

Not a terrible battle since Dark and Ghost moves should be plentiful by now. The real trouble is the Double Battle aspect since, if they're packing a bit more of a punch, can easily take out one or two of your Pokemon. An Alakazam, Gardevoir, Espeon, or Starmie on their team this late in the game is a danger to anyone. Nuzlockers will hate this gym.

7th - Skyla (Flying)

Again, not a terrible battle since you should have type coverage. The real trouble is dealing with Skyla's speed and the fact that you probably haven't been using Rock, Ice, or Electric Pokemon up until this point against any gym leaders. More training and more challenge.

8th - Blue (Various)

Nothing spells trouble like Blue (Gary). Like the Champion he is (was), Blue sports a multi-type team of some rather impressive Pokemon. Taking on his gym will required a dynamic use of all Pokemon. Luckily, given how terrible this journey has been so far, you likely have strong Pokemon in every type. Countering will be a matter of preparation.

And then finally, you can face the Elite 4! Congratulations!
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