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Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post

Trainer: Quinn
Party: Luxio, Derpina, Bachuru
Location: ...

"Trust me," Quinn says. "the same Shadows can be the same as these. Just shadows. Bachuru, glow!"

"Va!" The giant bug started to glow. It was pulsing electricity through it's veins. Shadows were backing away.

"Now Energy Ball!" Bachuru did it. Create a huge, green ball to dispel the shadow creatures? Check. The shadows were still coming. "THIS is why I asked you that. Now, do you happen to have any Pokemon that could produce huge light?" Then, Luxio used Charge.
I glanced at Blaze; the constantly burning flame on his tail always offered light, but I wondered if it would be bright enough. As far as I knew, my other Pokemon couldn't produce light. Nope, Blaze would be my best bet.

"I think so," I finally replied to Quinn. "Blaze! Give us your brightest Flamethrower!"

The Charmander seemed thrilled with that order. Widening his stance, the little lizard began concentrating his power. The flame on his tail grew brighter and brighter--until a brilliant jet of flames escaped from his maw, flashing out towards the Shadows.