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((OOC: Um, PJ? Sarah tried interacting with your character back there. I'm not sure if you noticed ^^'))

Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Battling for my life

We had done it.

Somehow, the Inhibitor was reactivated! I gazed at its eerie glow, feeling something respond in my heart. Hope. True and genuine. We had truly done something great here.

But it wasn't over.

My heart faltered as the shadows began shifting--taking... shape.

They were alive.

And they were coming.

"Char!" Blaze stepped out before me, the flame on his tail dancing madly. The Charmander breathed out a jet of fire, catching one of the Shadow Pokemon in the face. It shrieked in pain and retreated back into the masses.

"G-good job," I called to Blaze shakily. Actually, my whole body was trembling. I was sure I was going to be sick, but I wasn't about to give in. Not yet. Throwing the rest of my capsules into the air, I released the other members of my team.

"Get ready, guys!" I called out to them as we faced the plague of shadows.

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Trainer: Quinn
Party: Luxio, Bachuru, Derpina
Location: ...

Finally a voice was heard. Shadows were spreading. An Inhibitor has awaken. Things were getting serious. "So, your name is Zayna?" Quinn asks the girl. "My name is Quinn, have you se--" Some shadows appeared. They took the form of Pokemon such as Unown, Watchogs, Marshtomps and the like. "Go, Bachuru!"


"So, have you ever played something called Kingdom Hearts, Zayna?"

"Critter, Stone Edge!" I cried out.

The little rock guy summoned a set of sword-sharp rocks from the ground and threw them towards the Shadow Watchog.

Meanwhile, I gave Quinn a curious side glance. Was he serious? Asking me about what, a game? At this time?

I laughed weakly, "Er, can't say."

What, given that I can't remember anything since before I woke up on the shores of Celestia and all.

But after a moment of consideration, I strayed, "But... it does sound familiar... What about it?"

"PIDGE!" Freya cawed, reclaiming my attention. One of the Shadows--something that looked like a leafy reptile--swiped at her with its claws. She barely managed to flap out of its reach, but was glancing my way hopefully.

"R-right!" I forced myself to focus. "Gust, now!"

Her opponent was forced back by a blast of air.

"Jayde," I called out for my newest Pokemon. "Follow it up with Bug Bite!"

The little Nincada lunged forward, latching onto the shadowy form and digging its fangs into its tendrils. The Shadow screeched--but vanished in an instant, causing my bug to fall to the ground in surprise.

"What are these things?" I muttered, disconcerted.