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Default Re: The Miasma

Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Battling!

Sarah turned back to the shadows.

"Alright, Aster, are you ready?" she asked. The Pokemon nodded.

"Crescendo, you come out too!"

A small, black bird Pokemon materialised in a flash of red. It laughed haughtily.

"This is no time for games," Sarah explained sternly to the Murkrow. "We need to defeat these shadows to get back to Celestia."

"Kr-krow?" Crescendo looked a little humbled. Its sly grin turned into a determined frown.

"Okay Crescendo, use Shadow Ball! Aster, hit them with Energy Ball!"

The two elemental balls of energy wooshed through the darkness, scattering the shadows for a moment. Immediately they regrouped, shuffling around and writhing in agitation. Two large shadows stepped towards the front, answering the challenge. Sarah tried to make our the silhouettes, they looked strangely familiar but she couldn't place them... could these shadows once have been Pokemon?

Before she could call a move, the shadows rushed them. Sarah was surprised that they would flit so close to the Inhibitor, where they almost disappeared due to the strong light. Despite flinching slightly, they showed no fear as they approached. Tendrils shot from their bodies, wrapping Aster in darkness. Crescendo dodged by launching into the air.

"Aster!" Sarah cried, trying not to panic. She had no idea what kind of attacks these shadows were capable of. "Crescendo, use Drill Peck to free Aster!"

The Murkrow dove towards the shadows, its sharp beak glistening in the light from the Inhibitor. It slammed into the shadow tendrils, chopping cleanly through them. Aster dropped to the ground, seemingly unharmed.

"Great work!" Sarah encouraged. "Now, let's use Foul Play! Aster, you try Razor Leaf!"

Aster shot a stream of sharp leaves at the two shadow entities. The leaves seemed to tear them into tiny pieces. Sarah watched hesitantly as the shadowy fragments seemed to group back together, filling the holes from Aster's attack. It seemed the Razor Leaf had done little more than slow them down.

The larger shadow figure suddenly lunged at Aster. Crescendo dove down again, this time with a stream of dark energy pusing behind it. It slammed directly into the shadow and with a fizzle, the dark entity began to waver and dissolve, before disappearing completely.

"Awesome!" Sarah yelled above the sounds of Pokemon fighting. Aster and Crescendo nodded at each other, seemingly reaching an understanding.

Before they could celebrate too much, another shadow figure stepped out from the boundary. It seemed like a never ending army... Sarah risked a quick glance over her shoulder, hoping that reinforcements were still coming... Her Pokemon couldn't keep fighting off the shadow army forever...