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Default Re: The Miasma

Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Preparing for battle!

Sarah looked around amazed as the inhibitor flared into life. "We did it!" she cried happily. Before they could celebrate, The Emissary began to speak:

"legions of sh▲dows h▲ve g▲thered here ▲nd now you must defend this l▲nd
you must defend yourselves
▲nd you must defend your friends"

Sarah looked at her new friends and then down at Aster. They were all relying on each other to make it back to Celestia. She wouldn't let any of them down. She watched silently as The Emissary began to disperse.

Suddenly a wooshing sound overtook all else. A blast of air tugged at Sarah's hair and clothes. It smelled stale and musty. The edges of The Miasma seemed too disappear as shadow forms closed in. The light of the Inhibitor seemed to be the only thing holding them back. They were now restricted to a small area, and surrounded. Around her, the other trainers seemed to be releasing their Pokemon and preparing to fight.

"Are you ready, Aster?" Sarah asked.

The Bulbasaur nodded.

"Ready guys?" Sarah asked her friends.