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very impressive
you h▲ve m▲n▲ged to imbue the Inhibitor with enough power to begin cle▲nsing this l▲nd
you should ▲ll be very proud of your bonds
through love you ignited ▲ fl▲me whose light pierces the murky d▲rkness of the mi▲sm▲

this b▲ttle is not yet won

we h▲ve w▲rded off ▲tt▲ck from the sh▲dows for some time now
but this w▲s only their first strike
the Inhibitor is ▲w▲kened but so ▲re gre▲t powers th▲t conspire ▲g▲inst it
we must le▲ve the rest to you
legions of sh▲dows h▲ve g▲thered here ▲nd now you must defend this l▲nd
you must defend yourselves
▲nd you must defend your friends

this t▲sk is cert▲inly ▲ d▲unting one but you h▲ve ▲lre▲dy demonstr▲ted the power of your kindness
turn this power ▲g▲inst the enemy
now th▲t the Inhibitor is shining bright it will fuel your every move
disc▲rd your fe▲r ▲nd ▲ccept hope

history is ▲lre▲dy destined to repe▲t
or r▲ther
you ▲re destined to fill the g▲p where history w▲s lost

muster your cour▲ge ▲nd fight until the b▲ttle is won

The Emissary disperses, and large shadows begin to close in, coming from every direction; however, they flinch upon feeling the light of the Inhibitor. Now's your chance, battle until victory is in your grasp!