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Default Re: Bronies and Anti-Bronies

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post

Also, people who use ponyisms, like everypony instead of everybody or hoof instead of hand or foot, are idiots. They're trying to make a joke that isn't funny. At all. You're not a pony, you're a human. Speak like it.
I significantly disagree with the bolded statement.

Every fan base has their extremeist, their mellow fans, their hardcore fans, and their creepy fans etc. I personally see no problem with people using ponyisms. It's expressing themselves and enjoying something they like. It's like using memes or people using insults from Monty Python or even Shakespeare. We aren't in that kind of medieval time but just because we aren't, doesn't give people a reason to tell other people they can't do it. People aren't vampires, not hybrids or magical wizards, but just because they aren't doesn't mean they can't use terminology from their favorite franchises.

It's freedom of expression and people are free to express how they like. Is all of it appropriate? No, but there is a difference between people's opinions and where a line should be drawn. MLP is popular, it's gonna be around, it's a trend. To be honest I don't see how using pony terms is trying to make a joke much. I see it as people just expressing themselves, and showing that they aren't afraid of what people think of them. On an indirect level, they also end up finding people who share in their same likes. We already had phrases such as 'hoof it' in the english language. It's fine and is completely understandable when the pony terms get a bit annoying, but people will talk as they like, just because we're humans doesn't mean we must talk like humans.

Frankly always talking like humans seems incredibly boring to me. Unreal things like MLP making things more creative, and fans wanting to encorporate that into their lives because they enjoy it so much, why not?
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