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Default Re: Bronies and Anti-Bronies

Just like everything, the extremists give the rest of the group a bad name. I had a Pinkie Pie keychain from McDonalds on my backpack at college. That's as far as I took it in public. I would ask my friends if they had any interest in the series. If they said no I never brought it up again. I had to speak to a brony extremist because he kept trying to make every card we played somehow reference MLP. It was getting to the point where they were going to ban all bronies from that part of the lounge, and that would've included me to make a point.

Everything has a time and place. Granted, if you have a large group of friends who like the show then that time and place may just happen to be an everywhere and anytime.

Also, people who use ponyisms, like everypony instead of everybody or hoof instead of hand or foot, are idiots. They're trying to make a joke that isn't funny. At all. You're not a pony, you're a human. Speak like it.
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