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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Jovi (and Krane)
Link: Darkrai
APRers: Char

"Makar?" Jovi spoke slowly, as though trying to feel the name on her tongue. It was strange to her, and she was still a kid at heart. "It sounds strange...but it's still nice," the girl admitted.

"Victini? I've only heard of Pokemon from the Unova region, never really gotten the chance to see very many," Krane said thoughtfully, laughing softly with Jovi over the mischief comment.

The group followed Zayna through the streets of Hearthome, into a warehouse area where most things looked like they hadn't been touched in quite awhile. Zayna seemed to be ready to give up when Jovi noticed something had caught her eye. An older, rough-looking metal sign that indicated an airship business in the area. Jovi and Krane followed her as the young woman led them towards a rickety looking storefront next to a warehouse or garage kind of attachment. "Hello?" Zayna called, and her question was met with a hum before the lights went out.

Jovi jumped in surprise, and it was met with a soft laugh that sounded in her head. "Don't be afraid of the dark, Jovi, far worse things are out there," the voice from her dreams said bemusedly. Jovi shivered--it remembered her name? However, she couldn't give the detail much more thought.

"Oh," another female voice murmured. "I'm so sorry about that, I swear these outages are getting worse and worse... Ummm... Ah! There were are! Yamada, do you mind?" the voice continued, along with bumps and clangs before a suddenly there was a woman lifting a lit candle in a saucer and placing it on the counter in front of her. "Welcome to Highwi--" this time the woman was cut off by muffled shouts coming from what sounded like next door.

"Oh you mother--!" another female voice roared, the end part cut off by a loud crash. The woman at the counter cringed. "You would think we'd have come up with a more efficient source of power by now!"

"Malanie Blue, I swear to whatever god or gods rule over this world, if you broke something, I swear I will have your head for it!" a deeper male's voice roared in response.

"Nothing I can't fix, even if I did, but I mean really?! I was in the middle of a weld!" the female voice protested, there was another load crash, followed by a loud string of curses that had Krane covering Jovi's ears.

"It's still light out, just open the door and get that oversized rat of yours to power the machine or get Dyna to play torch for you. Stop beating up my tools."

"They aren't all your tools, you know?" the voice snapped, and a loud protesting screech of metal filled everyone's ears. This also cut off several rounds of swearing on both voices, thankfully, though Krane observed the two seemed to know more obscene or obscene-sounding words than a sailor.

Finally someone heaved the garage door open, and the owner of the female voice stormed out, dark hair flying behind her. As she made it down the sidewalk, she seemed to notice that there were people in the shop and turned back to the shop. "Hey, Highwind! We got customers!" she shouted before making a gesture to the garage. A Pokemon Jovi recognized as Raichu bolted out of the garage and into the girl's arms, while an older blond man with a stubble-covered chin and a oil-splattered blue t-shirt exited the side building as well.

"Let Shera do her job Malanie!" the man shouted back before approaching the door and stepping into the room. He still looked rather angry, but a lot of it seemed to ease off as he sighed. "That girl has no sense of self-control," he growled.

"Well how well as her life gone? And now she's gone from working her own family business to working in a shop with other people, a shop that's down half the time because of whatever it is that keeps knocking out the power, and now she's gone from working on cars and motorcycles to whatever comes in. I think if you were still her age, Cid, you would've snapped, too," the woman and the counter responded before adjusting the large, round glasses on her face. This completed, she looked at the group and gave them a large smile. "I'm incredibly sorry about that, tension has been running high with the outages running as they have recently. Welcome to Highwind Airship and Mechanic, how can we help you?"

"Ha! More like Highwind 'Taken-Over-by-the-Council,'" the man grunted. Jovi frowned--what was that supposed to mean?

Reine Noir
Neo Nautilus
Link: Kyurem
ARPer's: None as of right now

A sharp knock sounded at the door, causing both Reine and Mother to jump. "Miss Reine?" a tentative voice called through the door, and Reine sighed in relief. It was just a stagehand girl that typically worked calling leave times for the actors and actresses.

"Come in, Lily," Reine called shakily, trying to pull herself back together quickly. An eerie purple-blue light spilled into the room as the door opened, and a Litwick bumbled into the room in front of his trainer--he was commonly called 'Tippy' by Lily and her brother, who also worked in the Studios.

"All able actors and actresses have had their help requested in working safety for the people on rides and visiting attractions in Neo Nautilus, Miss Reine." Reine hauled herself up off the floor, and nearly fell back down. Mother let out a soft exhale before her human mouth began to speak.

"She hit her head on the counter on accident, I highly doubt that that qualifies as a--"

"No, I'm fine, just give me a moment. This darkness is is just disorienting," Reine protested softly, trying to stand again. "I want to help."

"Miss Reine, if you're hurt--" Reine cut the girl off.

"No, I want to help," she said forcefully, finally managing to stand. Mother had managed to get her sweater on, but it took a moment to track down where her boots had gone. With a sigh, she picked up a shoulder bag and produced a handful of pokeballs. "Alright guys, everyone but Mother in. I hat doing this, but you know how it is. Please return," she requested, and suddenly her dressing room felt empty, even in the darkness.

Minutes later, the young woman found herself walking down one of the many pathways in Neo Nautilus, waving a torch slowly through the air to check for civilians who might be in need of help, Mother, still wearing her human illusion beside her.

It was when they were passing the more recently added ferris wheel that things went horribly wrong. Mother seemed to sense it, as she pulled Reine to her and dove backwards as there was an earth-shattering bang and then the scream of metal filled the air. /Clever.../ she heard Mother say as she was suddenly being forced back up on her feet and shoved forward. /Run, dear one, run! We're under attack!/ the Zoroark's mind told her, however the warning did them no good. As they rounded the corner, Reine nearly collided with a group of people dressed in black.

"What do we have here?" a deep man's voice asked tauntingly, and Reine froze.

OOC: And enter Cid and Shera Highwind from FFVII for NPC abuse purposes, as well as Mal (old OC of mine) for a bit of comedy. Yes, there is a reason Reine's life is going to Hades in a handbasket so quickly, and hopefully you'll find out when Chibi posts. Sorry this took so long--this week was really busy and I didn't realize this got posted for awhile.

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