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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Well this is my web site, it isn't being updated due to layout changes. It is a div layer, it has lots of stuff about pokemon, and lots of Final Fantasy layouts. Here it is: d r g n g r a f i x

Requirements: Div layers//CSS v 1.0//

Requiremens for windows: 98//NT//2000//millenium//Xp (windows 95 may work)

Requirements for mac: Mac OS 8/9

Requirements for linux: Mac OSX (I'm not really fermilliar with linux, even if I'm using one right now! )

Browser requirements: Internet explorer 5+//Mozilla (I think all mozilla) Safari/Netscape and others may work, but not opera.


But this is not being updated, some day... I'll get the new layout up.

Requires: CSS v.?//Divlayers//Javascript//Happiness

Features: Princess mononoke layout, Inu yasha, shaman king and message board.

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