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Default Pokemon Black 2 Nuzlocke! (Totally NOT ripping off CM!)

...In which I'm not. So, this is the story of a Nobody (Tie-ins, yay!!!) named Innuqx (Pronounced In-Ux) in his Nuzlocke through Unova 2 years later! He'll have help from some very important people, including (Possibly) the host. So, why don't I set this up?

**Has slight swearing**

Cast of characters:
Hero - Innuqx
Rival - Zayn
Host/Narrator - Round One - Slenderman (Oh god...)
Starter Pokemon - Xix the Oshawott
Rival's Pokemon - M. Night Shamamalama the Snivy

  • The player must only catch the first Pokemon of the Route
    -This is an exception if it is the same Pokemon from a previous Route (Evolved or Pre-Evolved)
  • After a Pokemon faints, it must be released/permanently boxed
  • If the player has already caught a Pokemon on a Route and /happens/ to find a Shiny, it can be caught, but must not be used
  • The first Rival battle is an exception to the second rule
  • Only one trade is allowed to receive one more Pokemon. Trades can be used as many times to evolve
  • If a Hidden Grotto is found on a Route, it may be used to catch the one Pokemon per Route if there is a Pokemon.
    -If a Pokemon has already been caught, the HG Pokemon can be switched with it.

So, I guess this will be the hub for where updates and such can be found. THIS SHALL NOW BE CALLED "The Hub."

The Hub

The first part is/should be up today/tonight depending on your timezone!

Earn a spot in this story if you know what I'm referencing and can solve the puzzle!

Super, Ultra-Mega Specials!:
None ATM

May the odds be ever in my favor!

Xix the Oshawott



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